August 23, 2014


1. Tacos at a restaurant in Downtown called Machete, I went with my friends for my birthday, then again with my brother and then finally again with my parents! Crazy to got to the same place three times in the span of a month, I guess its pretty obvious that I think their tacos are delicious!

2. They just finished renovating the Denver Union Station, but of course my favorite part is still the old building! They left most of the interior original too, they still have the lovely wooden benches people used ages ago when waiting for the train.

3. Birthday cake! Yes, I made my own birthday cake! It was semi successful, I need to learn to make my own buttercream because I have really grown to dislike the store bought stuff

4. A lovely belated birthday gift I received in the mail from a great friend of mine who lives far away on the East Coast, I do love me some Fitzgerald!

5. The cool interior of the museum offices where I work, I love the huge lightsaber-esk lights

6. My look for the Lady Gaga concert, as you guys have already seen :)

7. The aforementioned Lady Gaga concert, which was awesome and very loud and laser-tastic! I had a really great time!

8. Vintage/Antique shoes all lined up in storage at the museum, I have been helping photograph the museum's shoe and hat collection (best task!)

9. A little oil painting I finished up, it had been sitting in my studio half finished for years!

10. Washi tape! I finally jumped on this blogger bandwagon and bought some washi tape on my last trip to Michaels. It seems pretty mandatory to have cute tape now, for whatever reason, but you can't argue with cute!

11. Lining up sewing projects down in my studio, gingham is on the horizon even if summer is ending!

12. Reading my old college textbooks while researching Closet Histories posts

13. The sunset from the only road in my daily life that, for a small stretch, gives a mostly natural view of Colorado without buildings etc. in the way (though telephone poles are inescapable!)

14. Macarons, my favorite treat!

15. Watching Blade Runner on Tuesday night, one of my most favorite films

16. The giant cow sculpture outside the museum downtown, with ominous rain clouds overhead

How is it that I managed to leave my cat out of this post? There is always a first time for everything!

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  1. I was fairly late in coming to Washi tape party, too. Purchasing my first rolls (for all intents - as a scrapbooker, I think I had one or two from mixed craft lots purchased long before washi was in vogue) to use as packaging on the orders I ship out for my Etsy shop. It's fun, cute and lightweight - what's not to like? :) I haven't started collecting other types for myself yet, but perhaps one of these days.

    Those macarons look fantastic - as does the beautiful cake. Congrats on making your own buttercream. Great job!

    ♥ Jessica


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