August 7, 2014

Marry the Night

When attending a Lady Gaga concert, it is only natural to turn your style dial all the way up. For example, as soon as I found out I would be going to the concert, I took it as a sign that it was time to invest in some seriously epic purple lipstick.

I also decided to finally figure out how to configure my hair into a Rachel from Blade Runner -ish style. I think the style was a success overall, though after an eight hour work day my rolled bumper bangs were already falling down into my eyes before I even got to dinner. I deflected this problem by applying even more hairspray, of course. I also added an antique hair comb and a black birdcage net veil. Then I went really crazy with my make-up, which is always fun. Crazy including super shiny silver eye shadow, blue/purple mascara, neon (uv glow) lipstick as war paint and of course the aforementioned purple lipstick.

We went to dinner across the street from the newly re-furbished Denver union Station. A perfect blend of old-fashioned train station and new-fashioned train station.  It strangely works, even with all the sorta-yuppie but really quite nice restaurants and shops inside. America doesn't really do trains anymore, not the way Europe does at least. As such, I really appreciated the ease of travel on National Rail while I was living in England during my semester abroad.

Dress: old H&M
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: old H&M
Bag: H&M (wow so much H&M I just realized!)
Necklace and Earrings: Made by me
Hair comb: Vintage
Birdcage Veil: Made by me
Purple Lipstick: Indigo from MyBeautyAddiction

As for the concert, it was awesome! It seemed like we had to wait forever for the actually Lady Gaga portion of the show to start but that was mostly because we got there early to get seats. Gaga was her awesome, very talented self as usual. She really was so generous with the crowd, trying on all the bedazzled jackets people had made her and had thrown on stage. The music was very, very loud, and I even danced. I usually hate dancing! (not gifted with moves) But when Lady Gaga is playing live really loud, even I am compelled to stand up and rock out!

I'm sure some people are over how 'inspirational' Lady Gaga can be, but let me tell you, I needed some inspiration this week. I needed to rock out and it didn't hurt to have a glamtastic lady pop-star tell me that I should take pride in my creativity. After last night, I am even more excited to get to work on new projects for this blog, and possibly even some video projects soon. I even might try wearing my new lipstick out and about, but perhaps not to work!

I finally have a day off to sew this weekend, so a long suffering dress will be finished soon! Of course I shall show you all the finished product soon enough. Till then, I hope you are all having a good week!


  1. Amazing look! Stunning. I love the way you've styled the veil and hair comb.

    1. Thanks Tanith! I love a good birdcage veil, I just don't often get occasion to wear one!


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