August 5, 2014

Links and Other Nice Things

I think most people can agree, job hunting is hella stressful! Seriously, I want a job. I want to work! Please! So that has been my week so far, stressing about job hunting and cover letters etc. I am trying to stay hopeful and not let the anxiety get to me, which is a pretty constant battle really. In the mean time I trying to distract myself with the help of the internet.

For example, I am still obsessing over interior decor. So I thought I would share a few of my new favorite decor links and also make a list of things that have made me happy this week so far.

-Little Green Notebook : An awesome interior decorating blog, great style and super awesome DIY's!
-Example of an awesome DIY, painted malachite desk (I will be making this desk when I move out!)
-This wallpaper, I am in love with stone prints, agate, marble, most especially the aforementioned malachite
-Another great decor blog, The Aestate
-The ever inspiring Apartment Therapy and Selby
-These faux taxidermy mounts in super fun colors

Some things that make me happy when stressed:

-Cuddle time with my cat (shes just so cute!)
-Vlogbrother's marathons
-Listening to inspiring TED Talks
-Retail therapy (hello new purple lipstick)
-Rocking out to Lady Gaga really loudly in the car (I'm going to her concert on Wednesday!) (hence, new purple lipstick)
-Listening to Night Vale all over again
-Stationary, just pretty paper in general
-Re-watching Long Way Round...again, I love that damn program
-Trader Joes kettle popcorn, so tasty
-Receiving long awaited packages in the mail (I ordered a necklace with my birthday money last month and it finally got here today!)
-Fleetwood Mac, in general
-Reading fashion magazines after a long hiatus from them, I want to see if this years September issues are any good

It might be time for a mini excursion to either the mountains or another of my favorite Denver haunts, the Denver Zoo! If you are a long time reader of this blog you will be aware of my fondness for the zoo, it is second only to my fondness for the botanic gardens. Perhaps I may visit the Denver Nature and Science Museum again too as I haven't been since last summer and I love the dioramas. This paragraph makes me sound like I take too much delight in captive and/or stuffed animals, that is not the case! I mean I do like taxidermy but I'm not evil.

I am excited to show you all my look for Lady Gaga later this week, I mean you have to turn up the style volume for Gaga right? I'm going for a Rachel from Blade Runner inspired look, I even figured out out to do a very similar hairstyle.

I'm going to try and calm down about job hunting, but it is hard folks. I can't imagine the intense calm being employed will bring, one day! (....but like soon right?...!)

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