August 1, 2014

Dreaming of Decorating

I have a serious problem, and that is I currently have an insatiable desire to decorate. I should mention, this is a problem because I don't have an apartment/house to decorate. One of the main reasons I want to get a big-girl job and move out is because my inner interior designer is begging to be set free.

I have boxes of things, mostly framed artwork and books, sitting in my parents garage just waiting for me to move out again. I want to re-frame my art, I want to hack all the Ikea furniture, I want to sew pillows and change cabinet knobs! I am trying not to dwell (and pin! pin! pin away on pinterest!) but as usual I have failed miserably. I am one of those people, every time I apply for a great job I immediately check out the local real estate and start dreaming prematurely. This leads to a lot of disappointment and also a lot of DIY's being pined for future use.

In any case, I can dream with a few basic perimeters in line, that a) I will be renting, and b) I will have little money to work with. Knowing these two things, I have tried to find some chic wall decals that will add flair without paint to any basic white apartment walls. The Art Nouveau design above is a removable vinyl decal that comes in several colors and could be great in a subtle sage on a white wall. The golden metallic stars below would make a great border design a-la-Miss Fishers house. Basically Miss Fisher's house (from Australia's Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries) is my main inspiration for decor right now. 1920's glam, an old curiosity cabinet, some eclectic exoticism and a few mid-century modern things thrown in, that's my style!

Of course all this dreaming has meant my interiors pinboard has grown, so check that out for more decor inspiration. Above is a little collection of individual items on my wishlist. I have an olive green couch that I inherited (and again, lives in my parents garage) so my dream living room is in colors of olive, turquoise/teal and gold basically. That's why I think the above curtains would be perfect in my imaginary living room! The bee curtain tie backs are just perfect for me as I further adopt the bee as a personal symbol of mine (people call me 'B" all the time).

The mirror is from Ikea and I assume a million people own one, but perhaps with a little gold leaf applied it would be less Ikea and more Versailles. The glasses are just too pretty with their subtle colors and gold touches. The other glasses with their mid-century modern birds are actually from Modcloth, and wow do they have a fun home section!

The black dishware is a straight up copy of the dishware from my grandparents place. I have admired my grandmother's pitch black set all my life and now Ikea has come to my rescue yet again! I need these black plates you guys, I might go buy them now and add them to the pile of stuff in the garage because I just can miss this opportunity for inexpensive black plates!

And the coasters? I love malachite! I probably wouldn't pay what Anthropologie is asking for these, perhaps a future DIY project in the making?

Anyways...that is a lot of day dreaming for one post. What can I say, I'm dying to decorate! I hope some of you can sympathize, or at least don't think I am too crazy! For now I'm off to apply for more jobs that might make these decor dreams more akin to reality...


  1. These kind of dreams are important. I should appreciate having a house that I can decorate. We are currently in a serious renovation phase (paint, carpet, new bathrooms) and then the fun of hanging up art and sprucing up the minor details will come.

    I currently like to dream about having a bricks-and-mortar studio and shop. Even though that may never happen, and I don't even want it to for at least a half-dozen more years, I look up the listings for retail spaces near me that I see for lease, and imagine how I would fit them out!

    1. Oh I have the bricks-and-mortar shop dreams too! There is a great little street here that dates back to the Victorian era that has little antique shops and boutiques, and whenever a space is available I dream of opening up shop! Again one day, I just need a wealthy patron like artists used to have way back in the day :)


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