June 4, 2014

1st Blogiversary!

The Closet Historian is one year old! I started blogging (for real this time) in early June of last year! Before I started this blog, I had never been able to keep even something as rudimentary as a diary updated. Pretty journals lay unused, scattered across my bookshelves with only the first few pages marked and then forgotten.  After a year of rather consistent posting, I feel accomplished now looking back!

Over 180 blog posts, over 10,000 views and just 6 beautiful wonderful blog followers later, here I am! I still have so much to learn about blogging, sewing, fashion and historic dress! I hope those of you who have stopped by have enjoyed your stay and will continue to come visit my little corner of the internet!

last summer's project, my gown re-do
visiting the museum in Fort Collins
how I miss my college town!
African crowned cranes at the Denver Zoo last fall
making my semi-successful Cleopatra dress
Photos from my trip to DC
Details from the National Gallery of art in DC
becoming obsessed with 20's tabbards
My crazy project of the year, entering the Your Wardrobe Unlocked competition
Visiting Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs
More 20's dresses!
and of course frequenting my favorite botanical gardens!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I can't believe how much you have accomplished as a sewer/blogger in just one year! Amazing!


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