May 9, 2014

1920's Fern Print Dress

Here is a new dress I managed to finish sewing recently! I really wanted something tropical and sheer for summer and found this great print at Colorado Fabrics! I used my 1920's basic dress pattern with a square skirt. It doesn't look particularly 20's in these photos with my hair pulled back and rather modern sandals but I hope it will look more vintage when styled differently. This dress is one of three chiffon 20's/30's styles I have sewn up lately so I look forward to showing you the two others soon. My dad and I walked around the Denver Botanic Gardens again for these photos as they were having their spring plant sale. He got a few plants for our garden and I got nice photo backdrops!

the plant sale!


  1. Beautiful fabric choice, it's a lovely dress! I can definitely see the 1920's look despite the modern hair and shoes. P x

  2. Thanks you guys! I can whip one of these chiffon numbers out in an afternoon now, 20's dresses are so geometric it makes everything easy :)


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