April 17, 2014

Snapshot and a Spring Etsy Sale

1. Driving through the mountains on the way to a weekend away with friends, I love driving in the mountains, even if this time I was only a passenger
2. A bit of the view from the mountain house we got to stay at for the weekend! 
3. My sad bandaged finger after closing it in a car door! The resulting deep cut is actually still healing these weeks later! I cant exactly bend the tip of my finger yet without shooting pain yikes
4. The Kennedy Center thinks it is funny to mock me about not having moved to DC, If anyone in DC is hiring a fashion designer or textile museum professional let me know!
5. The pile of lovely fabrics before I started my crusade to transform them into blouses! I am almost finished with this project actually and I can't wait to show off my new tops!
6. This is a super 'made in China' replica of Rose's hair comb in Titanic, if only I could find a knock off Leonardo DiCaprio so easily
7. The tiny fuzzy dot here is the blood moon, way cooler to look at through my dads epic binoculars that I borrowed at 1:30am to check out the show, space is awesome
8. Sewing and more sewing, days off are what dreams are made of
9. Another new hair comb that came in the mail, I need professional help I know (also for my hair to grow!)

I have spent way too much money this month! Between falling hard and fast for a few too many fabrics and a very successful day at the outlet mall with my mom, I need to freeze my debit card in ice! I have decided no more online shopping until May, we shall see if I can make it! I went a few months there with no paycheck, so when I started this new job I went a bit overboard on spending. Not hard to do with my shopaholic tendencies! I'll just have to focus of sewing not shopping now that I have exciting clothes to be making! I think I fell bad most about not feeling very bad about it....I just have to start saving! I'll make a plan I promise :)

Speaking of shopping, as of today there is a spring sale happening in my etsy shop! Recently renamed The Closet Historian (continuity is good, it was BMEdesign) I am offering a 14% (yes 14% for 2014) discount on your purchase this Spring until the end of May! Just use coupon code SPRING2014 for the discount! Remember that Mothers Day is coming up soon and what mother doesn't love some hand made jewelry!


  1. That Titanic style hair clip is positively gorgeous! May I be so bold as to ask for the link to the seller's shop? If they have others, I might just have to pick one up for myself.

    Big hugs & many joyful Easter weekend wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. The Titanic repro comb seems to be everywhere on ebay, I got mine for a crazy low price from this seller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TITANIC-Rose-butterfly-hairpin-hair-clip-comb-accessories-beautiful-hairpin-/390660226202?pt=US_Hair_Accessories&hash=item5af529fc9a crazy long url! Though it isn't perfectly screen accurate that wasn't really what I was after anyways, I just liked the style! Plus it cost just a bit more than a grande Starbucks so at that price I had to have it!


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