April 23, 2014

Projects and Inspiration

Have you been watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries? This decadent series has recently landed from Australia on Netflix and I have been able to start watching! Miss Fisher sure does have a dream wardrobe!

If you love 20's fashion, mystery, and a no nonsense, crazy progressive for her time, and all around bad ass lady detective have I got the show for you! Sure the mystery format gets a bit repetitive if you watch the episodes all in one sitting, but for this much fashion and sass I can certainly look past that. The costumes on this show are to die for, I want every hat! The hats! Seriously, the dresses are divine but the accessories are to die for! So that's what I have been watching lately, as to what I have been sewing lately...

I am about to finish a sturdy black cotton pencil skirt for summer and then I'll be diving into some floaty tropical print 1920's dresses! I have several 1950's summer frocks planned after that! Poor historic costuming has been put on the back burner while I revamp my retro wardrobe! But I do have 18th century plans for this summer, I just have to fix my stays first....so we shall see when that finally happens :)

Also my love for hats has been re-ignited! So I have a few millinery projects planned. Mostly in the same little round shape as the pink hat seen below, as that is one of only two hat blocks I own! I'll be making one in teal wool with crazy fluffy feather pom-poms in teals and blues I found on sale in Joann's floral section. Another I'd like to make in bright red with a vintage millinery flower rose. So many plans so little time!


  1. I did try to comment on this before and it failed 3 times. I wasn't sure whether to hope you got 3 comments or none! Anyway, I went to the Miss Fisher costume exhibition that is currently in Sydney, and there are some photos on my blog, including lots of hats, for further inspiration for you: http://tanithrowan.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/miss-fisher-costume-exhibition.html

    Also I wanted to encourage you to experiment with found object blocking, if you only have a couple of blocks. I've used vases, tupperware, tins, bowls, all sorts of things. It opens up more possibilities and can be an interesting source of new inspiration too.

    1. I'm sorry that the comment system was disagreeing with you! I am jealous of being able to visit that exhibit now! That table full of hats looks like part of my dream closet come to life!

      I really should broaden my hat block horizons to more found things, I do also have a couple of foam blocks that are good shapes but are smaller head size than me! I did just discover that one of my favorite fabric stores in town actually has nice wool felt by the yard so there may be more hat making in my future!


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