March 31, 2014

Mountain Time

This weekend I traveled into the mountains with lots of friends for a triple birthday celebration. We stayed in one of our friends grandparents lovely mountain house which was huge and comfortable. It was really nice to get away for a few days and just eat, drink and laugh for 48 hours basically. Time to get back to reality now, I still want to clean out my closet!

In sad news for sewing projects, I also managed to close my finger in a car door this weekend! Which is going to make crafting anything difficult for a while! I don't know how I managed to close the door on myself, but it shut completely and has left me with a pretty deep little gash on the top side of my finger. It happened just as we were leaving for the trip so I decided, even though it looked pretty deep, to forgo urgent care or anything and just to get going and not hold everything up. It seems that was an okay decision as it looks to be healing just fine, I am babying it so much with neosporin and new gauze so hopefully it will heal quickly and I can get back to sewing!


  1. Oh no, I'm very sorry that you got injured, sweetheart. Thank goodness that it isn't broken (I'm assuming it's not?). I'll be sending countless feel better wishes your way!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I'm not sure where you're driving through, but it looks markedly like parts of British Columbia.

    1. I'm just so clumsy! It isn't broken, luckily, just cut? so I'v been keeping it wrapped up and it seems to be healing thank goodness! We were actually driving through the foothills here in Colorado on our way back and forth from Vail, I just love driving in the mountains! I'd love to visit B.C. someday though!


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