December 7, 2013


1. The shopping centers are decorated with lights, Christmas must be coming soon!
2. I put some teal streaks into my hair just for fun, hard to maintain (as teal wants to fade so fast!) but mermaid hair is always nice!
3. Thanksgiving leftovers are always amazing!
4. Direwolf winter lager t-shirt that I bought for myself as part of my black Friday shopping! I couldn't resist
5. New digital print fabric samples! Super excited about these prints
6. Gunny being a cozy sleepy cat :)4
7. Sunrise of an early workday #!
8. and the next day!
9. A beautiful real beetle brooch I snatched up on etsy this week like the addict I am
10. Chi Latte to make traipsing through ice and snow to work less saddning
11. Making my own gift tags to match my holiday wrapping scheme (DIY this week, super easy!)
12. Presents all wrapped already, just waiting for Christmas!

This week has been crazy! I worked an extra four hours, meaning two 7am-6pm days! That meant very little sleep and even less blogging! Sorry to have abandoned you all, but I promise it will all soon be remedied as I have told my job I can't stay on full time past December! I just don't have any time to devote to my creative pursuits and real job hunting working 40 hours a week like I have been these past 5 months! So that is a relief, and I have several exciting projects coming up including a very opulent and challenging Edwardian evening gown! This weekend it is again my goal to finish the 20's Cleopatra dress, so stay tuned to see how it goes!

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