November 21, 2013

Curiosity Cabinets and Occasional Oddities

When one is as obsessed with antiques like I am, and also happens to be a fan of all things Tim Burton and slightly macabre already, it is easy to segway into an interest for oddities. Since my first forays into museum collections (as a child at Balboa Park in San Diego), I have always been interested in natural history. In second grade I wanted to be an Egyptologist and even then collected small geological specimens. History has always been fascinating to me but it has taken longer for me to fall deeply in love with science. In school science came with math, which meant a struggle. Since I'v been out of school science has become so much more interesting to me as now I get to pick and choose which areas to spend my time learning about.

That's why when I started watching the Brain Scoop on YouTube last winter (the show began in January I believe) I fell in love. I have always loved the taxidermy dioramas at museums and though I hate the idea of hunting for sport, I still appreciated the beauty of the mounts at the archery training center where I took classes back in seventh grade. Now that I know more about natural history and museum collections through channels like the Brain Scoop and a graduate level museology course my senior year I have had an itch to start collecting myself. This past week I took the plunge and purchased some beautiful animal bones on etsy and I am super excited as they arrived in the mail today!

a super amazing catfish vertebrae, so cool looking!
White-tailed deer vertebrae, opossum pelvic bone and large snail shell
partial raccoon skull!
beautiful bones!
I know I will be expanding my new fledgling collection soon, and I will take proper photos of everything soon! I shot these super quick right after I took everything out of the boxes it came in! The bones showcased above I purchased from Lark About on Etsy who is a lovely seller I will be buying from again!

Check out these links as well for more info on natural history museums and specimen collection!

1. A great video about natural history museums from California Public Radio
2. The Brain Scoop, I'll just link to this channel again because I am a fan girl
3.  Lark About on Etsy!
4. Corinne at Stuck With Pins explains how to clean your own collection of found bones

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