October 31, 2013

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Doing my best early twenties photo-shoot poses, I attempted to take some fun photos in celebration of Halloween! I also wanted to reveal my tattoo in a fun way, so you can see it in these silly photos! I added a vintage filter to get that early photography look I was going for. Below you can see I'm wearing the Cleopatra headdress! I set my hair in finger waves and curls so I could be 20's from the neck up at work today since I couldn't wear a costume. The set came out really great (I recommend Lotta-Body setting lotion!) even if I had to sleep in curlers and pins. Please excuse the selfie madness of this post, I am pretty happy with how these photos came out for only a rushed little shoot after all day at work!

Happy Halloween!
Here is a little collection of my favorite Halloween themed links from the past few days!

1. Corinne Alexandra at Stuck With Pins made a great Halloween inspired playlist, I have been listening to it all week!
2. This post of a photo shoot featuring Tim Burton costumes from Cherry Blossom Girl is mind-blowing amazing!
3. For those of you who don't know about Emily Graslie, get ready to be in love, this awesome lady stars on The Brain Scoop YouTube channel and is a guest on this episode of another YouTube series The Good Stuff, watch the whole playlist for Halloween awesomeness

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