October 19, 2013


1. Goofing around taking pictures in the expensive cars at my dad's work
2. My adorable cat keeping me company while I was sick in bed this week!
3. Working on the tortured novel again, feels so good to write I wish I had more time/energy too!
4. CSU! Visiting Fort Collins was so great! I loved being in ram country again for the weekend!
5. 415! If you live anywhere near Fort Collins you have to go, I love this restaurant!
6. My butternut squash stuffed shells at 415 (seriously, go there!)
7. Driving in Fort Collins with my best friend Gina and loving the fall scenery
8. A sunrise on my way to work, the only good thing about getting up before the sun does!
9. My new tattoo just after it was finished at the shop! I love it but am now in a stage of mid-healing where it doesn't look as nice as this, more pictures when its all healed!
10. Fall colored late blooming flowers in my parent's front yard
11. Weighing confetti at work for a science kit!
12. The first snow of the year from last week! It feels so early for it to be snowing already!

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This week has been crazy with being sick! Luckily I am on the mend and good thing too as tomorrow is Gina's birthday celebration extravaganza! After all the excitement I hope to make some serious progress on my Cleopatra costume on Sunday, even if I don't think I will end up doing anything for Halloween this year sadly!

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