October 23, 2013

Senior Design Line Redux

As I said in my last post about my collection, I really can't wait to restyle and take new photos of this design line. I am almost tempted to take the minuscule amounts of 'free' time I get off from working to create new tops and re-do the jacket from this design line to better fit my updated vision for what I want this collection to be and represent. I suppose I should just let it be and start a fresh new collection that can mean everything the last one was really supposed to. School really does do a great job of turning something you are passionate about doing into a real chore. I wish it were not the case but it can't be denied.

The hardest thing about school for me was the conflicting opinions coming at me from two very different sides. I would have professors on one side telling me my work was not commercial enough, needed to be less "costumey" and more realistic and on the other end of the spectrum those who told me my work was not new, daring or "funny" (as one of my tudors in Paris told me) enough! It was hard to attempt a balance of pleasing both of these requests, daring and different but salable and flattering! These are the woes of all designers I suppose but it rather did squash my freedom by the end. In the end this collection was for a grade and for a piece of paper with a shiny gold seal saying I graduated college. This collection was for lots of people but not really for me, which left me feeling less proud of it than I would have liked at the end. I am not sure the design or sewing work really represents me as a designer or seamstress.

I really do love to design clothing, it is my passion and next to writing my favorite thing to do. I have studied in Los Angeles, Colorado, London and Paris from different schools and institutions. I feel now like I never built quite enough momentum and left school with a lot of confusion on what to do next. I still don't know the answer to that question and it has been six months since graduation! I need a plan again, I need to find my momentum! It is hard seeing other young designers succeed and thinking I am just not at their level but only I can change where I am at into where I want to be. 

Expect more collections coming soon, I will not stay quiet for long! Inspiration is stirring and I hope to launch a new project in Spring. Thank goodness I have the best parents in the world who still support me in every way they can until I can fly all on my own. Thanks for reading this rather personal post, this blog is my diary in some ways after all!

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