September 18, 2013


1. The sunset yesterday here in beautiful Colorado, its great to see some sun after the disastrous rain
2. I cut my own hair! it was the second time I had ever done it myself and its not perfect but I am having fun with the shorter length!
3. Supplies for dyeing my hair purple again, when it fades I feel so brown, I love the freshly dyed uber-dark purple I get with this n-rage color
4. I promise I have been working on the stays!
5. The view from my brothers dorm room window! So pretty! what a lucky kid
6. The sunrise from my bedroom window
7. Yummy and pricey cocktail from Gatsby's bar in downtown Denver
8. My adorable cat Cleo
9. My holographic shoes which are still waiting to be worn! I work all day so my pretty shoes stay in my closet!

I'll be back tomorrow with another vintage jewelry collection post!

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