July 10, 2016

Twenty Five (The Annual Birthday Goals Post of Doom)

Well, I went a bit MIA here this weekend taking the Friday off of posting. Why, well this weekend was packed as I worked all day Friday (Friday is usually my day off) and then I had lots to pack in as this Sunday was my birthday! 25 hasn't really snuck up on me...it feels more like it has somehow raced towards me at the speed of light instead! How can it be July already!? What is going on, slow down! I always put together a list of goals and things I want to do in the next year of my life here on the blog each birthday, and this year will be no exception! I'm not sure it actually helps me stick to them, but putting out ones goals into any public space has to be at least a bit useful. So how did I do on last year's list? Well I got 6 out of 20 ;)

6) Redo my website

Well I did create a new landing site for The Closet Historian at theclosethistorian.com, so that's progress. Now I just have to figure out how to buy back biancaesposito.com and I'll really feel like I have completed this goal!

7) Get a big girl job

I don't really know what I meant by this goal, I suppose I just wanted out of retail work! In that I have succeeded, as now I have a wonderful job sewing instead which has been such a great upgrade. 

10) Visit Disneyland

I did manage to visit Disneyland back in March, Hooray! (and I'll be visiting again in September!!!)

11) Deep clear out

I definitely cleaned out my studio/sewing space and redecorated while I was at it. I also cleaned my closet out a bit more which feels very nice to have done. Next up is going through my nail polish collection (I was really into nail art a few years ago).

13) Use up the rest of my fabric stash

Well I can't say that I don't still have a stash of fabrics waiting to become new frocks, but I did use up the fabrics from last year so I think it still counts!

19) Buy fresh flowers

Surprisingly I have bought more fresh flowers this year, mostly in the last few months, they really do brighten up my day!

So what are my goals for the next year? I wouldn't blame you if you found this personal goals thing quite boring, but I'm still going to list them anyway!

1) Use my Passport
Now technically I'm cheating putting this here at the top because I already have a trip planned down to Mexico as one of my best friends is getting married there later this year, but too bad! I'm glad to already know I'll be achieving this goal for once! I also would really like to visit France again in 2017 if I can manage it, I've been away from Europe for far too long!

2) Use up my fabric stash
This is a goal from last year that holds once again as I have bought a lot of fabric once more! I am behind on my sewing, but not in my fabric acquisition! Oops! I have lots of nice fabrics to use up during the rest of the summer and fall :)

3) Buy less on Etsy/Save more
I am kinda a bit of a shopaholic...I mean I budget and all, but I really don't need any more jewelry. Seriously. So one of my goals for the next year is to buy less and to save more. I need to learn how to be thriftier and wiser with how I spend, so better personal finance management is the goal for this next year! 

4) Finish the last edit of my book
This is definitely something on my list from last year that just didn't happen, and I really, really, want to finish the edit so I can start trying to get a literary agent. What I need to do is make writing more of a priority in my scheduling and structure in set writing time. I love writing, I want to be a published author someday (soon too) so I need to get this last edit done and move onto writing query letters instead! 

5) Learn how to do pattern grading
Something I never learned how to do at school (despite having an apparel design degree...) is pattern grading, or sizing patterns up and down. It looks like it might involve quite a bit of math, but I am quite determined to conquer the concepts!

6) Launch some Closet Historian Sewing Patterns!
Yes, that's why I want to learn to do pattern grading! I'd love to make some of the sewing patterns I use to make the clothes you see often here on TCH into multi-sized sewing patterns all of you could use too. This is going to require a lot of time, learning, and research on my part, but I want to get serious about it! Luckily pattern drafting is something I really enjoy and hopefully that will carry me through the math heavy portions :)

7) File my LLC business paperwork
Speaking of businessy things, I have ventures planned, so I think it's high time I start making things more official and file some paperwork. What could be more fun than paperwork?

8) Make more YouTube videos
I have really enjoyed making the few videos I have managed to get out recently and I would love to make more! I'd ideally like to get to a point where I can upload one video a week, but we shall see if that is actually feasible moving forward. I really enjoy video editing oddly enough, so it's another project I am looking forward to!

9) Take a roadtrip
Another lost goal from last year's list that I'd like to try and fit in this year. I'm thinking perhaps a weekend trip to Aspen as I've never been!

10) Write the next book...
I have a few new ideas, and also a sequel jostling around, so once I do finish the final (well pre editor/agent *wink*wink*) edit of my first novel..I want to bash out the first draft of the next one!

11) Make the full transition to cruelty free cosmetics
I have already started switching over to only buying from cruelty free brands, but as I use stuff up I will be switching over more and more. Anyone know of a cruelty free hairspray?

12) Read 3 classics
I always try to make a reading oriented goal each year, but with my various creative endeavors taking up most of my non-working hours I rarely get any reading done and it's awful! I think with a goal as manageably small as this one, I can hope to finally succeed!

13) Improve my knitting skills
It's a bit hot to have my fingers entwined in wool right now (it was 97 here today!), but that doesn't mean I don't want to get back into knitting! I have fallen way off the wagon after jumping into knitting last year and I want to try again and improve my fledgling skills. If I can manage just one 1940's jumper I will be totally pleased!

I have decided to start doing half as many goals as years so that I only had to come up with 13 for this next year (the year I spend as 25, but it will be my 26th year...wait right?). It irks me that so many of my goals keep rolling into the next year (finish your damn novel Esposito!), so I am diving right into my calendar tonight to make concrete plans for getting my reoccurring goals actually accomplished! I suppose now that I am 25 I need to learn to adult a bit more ;)

It's probably pretty obvious that I consider my birthday more of a "new years" sort of time to reevaluate. Are you all more new years or birthday kinds of goal setters? I myself do both, which works out well as my birthday is right in the middle of the year!


  1. Happy birthday!

    I'm a New Year's goal setter. I try to make the goals enjoyable rather than giving stuff up - switching to Fair Trade tea, getting more wear out of my vintage, that sort of thing.

    1. Thanks Mim! Enjoyable goals are definitely more fun :)

  2. Happy belated birthday, Bianca! Hope you had a great weekend, and good luck with your goals! :)

  3. I love how you make a list of resolutions and goals on your bithday, instead of New Years! Hope you had a good weekend.

  4. Happy birthday! These are some great goals. I'd be thrilled to see some patterns!

    1. Thank you Nichole! I really want to make the patterns happen, I cant wait to start work on them!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday wishes :)

  6. Happy birthday! I may be able to help with your cruelty free hairspray though there may be some difficulty getting it in America. Cedel is an Australian brand and they do not test on animals - their hairspray is the best around - MUCH better than that L'Oreal one that everyone loves (forget the name). It's not one of those wet hairsprays that gets heavy and takes ages to dry, and its really easy to brush out too. If you can get your hands on it, its the best I've ever used.

    1. Thank you Britt! I'll have to do a search and see if I can find it here in the US, thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Belated happy birthday lovely Bianca! You've done fabulously on your goals, and it looks like there's more great stuff to come. Good luck with it all xx

  8. What an awesome, ambitious, inspiring list of goals that you hope to accomplish in your 25th year of life. I'm cheering you on every step of the way and bet you'll do amazing, my sweet birthday twnisie.

    Here's to a stellar new year ahead and all of the fun and possibilities that it holds in store!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  9. I hope you had a fabulous birthday. I find that I tend to think of goals in September, it is that whole back to school new term feeling! It sounds like you have some really super things planned, the pattern line sounds very exciting!

    1. Thank you Kate! It was very relaxed which was perfection!


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