July 11, 2016

An Adventuress

Scarabs hanging from her ears, lotus flowers on her belt buckle, and a pith helmet just in case, the lady adventuress is ready for action!

You all know my love of safari style, and so I took the same idea and went back in time to the Edwardian period just for fun! I don't do nearly enough historic costuming anymore, so it was extra enjoyable putting this ensemble together. I've already talked about both the shirtwaist and the skirt here on the blog, and the sewing of both went according to plan luckily enough. The antique belt buckle pin was an Etsy find and the belt itself is just a length of black petersham ribbon. I paired the ensemble with my new American Duchess Gibson shoes of course, as this was the outfit I bought them for in the first place!

I can't believe that women actually managed to do serious hiking and trekking in an Edwardian corset as my S bend corset does limit my mobility quite a bit (I can't bend at the waist with it on!). Ladies are just awesome I suppose, I never doubt that!

I hope you all had a nice start to the new week! I'm back to sewing retro things again, and there is a wonderful lemon print sateen on my cutting table currently that I can't wait to get back to ;)

Edwardian Shirtwaist & Skirt (also corset and petticoat underneath): Made by me
Shoes: Gibson's from American Duchess
Brooch & Sash pin (buckle): Vintage
Hat: Amazon
Sunglasses: Sunglasses Museum on Etsy
Socks: Target :)


  1. The outfit turned out lovely, the blouse is really gorgeous! And you know, awesome ladies makes the world go round ;)

  2. You have just nailed it!! What amazing photos. Really great inspiration, brought to life by your talents. x

    1. Thank you Porcelina! <3 I am lucky to have Colorado as my backdrop for sure!


  4. *Picks jaw up off the ground* This is such an incredible outfit. I adore the main pieces and smaller accessories in equal measure and can't compliment you enough of the beautiful styling that you've employed here.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Such a super set of photos! This is perfect lady adventurerer chic!


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