November 4, 2015

The Historian's Closet; A Tour

From Cribs to The Selby, it seems we humans have an innate interest in the homes of others. I don't really know why I enjoy seeing other people's closets, but I do!  So today I thought I would give you guys a little tour of my own closet and talk about how I organize my clothing and accessories!

I am lucky enough to have a walk in closet, and it's a good thing I do because oddly enough--I have a lot of clothes and accessories! I'd fell guilty about this maximalist approach, but then again I went to school for fashion design and clothing design and history are my ultimate passion, so it's no wonder I accumulate a lot of stuff. To be fair I do make most of my clothing these days, and a lot of my jewelry is self made too. In addition to my closet space I also have a tall thin dresser (in shiny black as you can see from the photo above) where I keep some of my jewelry, a drawer full of tights, and lingerie. I have one full drawer just full of cotton camisoles for layering under sheer tops and dresses! The top two drawers are full of mostly vintage jewelry, which I store in paper jewelry gift boxes mostly of various sizes.

The top drawer has Ladurre macaroon boxes full of beaded bracelets and silk ribbons for wearing pendants. 

The second drawer houses over half of my vintage jewelry in paper boxes. I sort things based on finish, rhinestone things together, all of my gold necklaces in one box, silver ones in another. I also keep sets together and have more random categories like a box just for novelty brooches. I try and keep more fragile or non-metallic pieces in their own boxes, like my celluloid necklaces.

In my closet I have two men's tie racks for hanging more modern or just less fragile jewelry. The top rack is for the shorter necklaces (yes that looks like a billion necklaces but most are from when I was younger and don't get much wear at all) and the bottom rack for longer pendant necklaces. I also have two clear plastic trays with my long beaded 1920's style necklaces coiled up safely inside but those live on a shelf next to my shoes.

Here is the main earrings storage area, in thin clear acrylic trays with many sections and lids. I have made a ton of earrings over the years and they all live here, as do any smaller studs or vintage pairs.
The first drawer of the standing jewelry box these trays sit on is a gridded draw with my larger vintage earrings that require a bit more vertical space. Again these larger earrings are organized by finish, gold in one cubby, rhinestones in another, etcetera!

The standing jewlry box also has a top compartment under the lid where the majority of my vintage brooches live. Some of these have yet to make it into an outfit post! I am in love with that rhinestone artist's palette though and can't wait to wear it! Also visible above are the one pair of clip on earrings I haven't mutilated and switched to post backs (to the left of the rhinestone bunny). The reason these remain painfully clip on is because the glass they are mad of is called Saphiret and they are very collectible and it turns out actually worth much more than the $12 I paid for them. It pays to do your research if you think you might have something special!

Onto other accessories, most of my silk scarves live hanging from this funny looking scarf hanger, as does my small collection of thin waist belts. I cannot tell you how much trouble I am having finding a decent navy blue thin waist belt! Anyways, other scarves, especially larger and winter scarves live folded in a drawer elsewhere.

My closet has two sides and two levels of shelves above the hanging bar/rack. The top shelf is too tall for me to get to without a stool or chair to stand on but houses boxes of hats that don't get worn as often and also a few more pairs of shoes. The shelves directly above my clothes hold my heels and I quite like the look of them all lined up if I do say so myself!

The left side of my closet, from left to right is organized as follows: pants, full skirts, pencil skirts, blazers, long sleeved blouses and tops, sweaters, and ends with a few things I never wear and really just need to be donated. The skirt section is getting out of control! I only have a few pairs of pants and I seriously never wear them unless I know I'm going to be going for a long drive or am having a really casual lazy run to the fabric store for a zipper.

The right side of the closet goes from left to right: sleeveless tops, short sleeved tops/blouses, scarf hanger thingy, dress slips, 1920's dresses, and ends in all other dresses. Above on the shoe shelf you can also see a wire basket which holds 1920's dress sashes and faux fur collars. Also you may have noted I have random plastic hangers as opposed to fancy matching day when I have a fancy spare room sized closet I will have pretty hangers, but not currently!

Then here is the hat storage, which I would love another solution for but make do with shoe boxes for now. Large tall boot boxes work well for larger round hats, and the smaller shoe boxes are good for smaller hats and vintage half hats. I really would like clear round hat boxes but i don't have a good place to store them right now anyway. Besides recycling is good! I should really get advanced and print labels or photos of which hats are inside each box so I don't end up going through every box while I am looking for one particular hat as I often do now!

So that is my closet! I hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into what is undoubtedly the most organized area of my life by far! My books aren't organized, my sewing room is always a mess, but my closet at least has a system! How do you all organize your closet? Do you rotate your clothes seasonally like a pro?


  1. What an incredibly lovely treat! Like yourself, I adore seeing inside of other people's closets, drawers and homes in general and practically squealed aloud when I saw that a tour of your fashion storage solutions was the theme of today's post. You have a truly beautiful wardrobe and some great ways to store your beloved pieces.

    How awesome is that artist's palette brooch? Love! All of your clothes, jewelry, shoes and accessories are marvelous and you've really spoiled us with this exciting behind the scenes look at the elements that go into creating your fantastic outfits. Thank you, sweet dear!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! I'm glad you liked it!

      As soon as I saw that brooch on etsy I snapped it up immediately, but strangely I haven't worn it yet! I need to remedy that very soon!

  2. Oh my, you have a positively HUGE jewellery collection Bianca! I'm awed! I enjoyed this little glimpse into your closet, and am tempted to share my own (after a good tidy up...) xx

    1. It's almost embarrassing how much jewelry I have, though to be fair it is all costume jewelry, I don't have any "real" jewelry...yet, hopefully one day :) Please do, I love seeing closets!

  3. I have the same brooch as you! ( the gold tone starburst with the turquoise stones) As a self confessed magpie It's lovely to see your collection.

    1. I just picked that one up on etsy this last year! It is definitely a fun piece :)

  4. I really enjoyed this, I love seeing in other people's homes! Great selection of jewellery!


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