October 20, 2015


 1) Sketching options for several blouse projects. I would like to make many more but now I'm out of lightweight fabrics!

2) Dita and Dr Jones are tucked into my vanity mirror too.

3) These photos by the reservoir are some of my most favorite ever, and this one ended up as my new facebook profile photo! The lighting was just so perfect!

4) There was a sale on at my favorite local fabric shop and I ended up with a few more lengths of plaid. I had gone with the intention of buying the navy blue wool you see in the bottom of this stack, the plaids somehow just jumped into my cart!

5) I am not a particularly good cook, or baker, but I made some pumpkin spiced snicker doodles again this year (recipe here) and they were so yummy! I must make some more soon.

6) Hemming circle skirts always takes forever, but it is totally worth it to do it by hand in the end. This cozy plaid skirt is a new favorite in my closet now!

 7) Nothing beats a good mountain drive, the fall colors were beautiful!

8) Anyone else catch a good glimpse of the super moon/blood moon/eclipse? I tried my best to get a few photos but my DSLR still confounds me.

9) I have been listening to The Man From Uncle soundtrack on repeat the past few weeks as it is just so good! If you want to feel like you are a chic 60's secret agent while doing any task, download this soundtrack!

10) I added both of these knitting books into my cart just to reach the free shipping threshold on Amazon, both were used copies and under five dollars! I can't wait to learn more about knitting.

11) This gorgeous sheer fabric with golden lame' leaves was super pretty, and I was very excited about the dress...until it all fell apart. The fabric was just too fragile to not come apart at the seams! I have a bit left and if I try to make something again I will be underlining it with a stronger silk. Not all sewing projects work out in the end sadly.

12) You can't escape cat pictures in these posts, I am obsessed with my cats!

 13) I finally drafted a bow front blouse pattern! I love secretary/pussy bow blouses and it was about time I drafted a pattern so I could make a few.

14) The maple tree in my parent's back yard is now a riotous red, but sadly today had begun to let go of its leaves!

15) One of the bow blouses I made last week in a taupe colored drapey rayon I picked up this summer for a super bargain. I made huge bishop sleeves for this blouse that are just too much fun to wear!

16) This brown and peridot green moire print taffeta/brocade is just so incredibly pretty. I fell in love with both sides of the fabric, one being more green and the other more brown. Luckily I was able to squeeze out a pencil skirt (green side out) and a top (brown side out). I have finished the skirt but still have to pick out some buttons for the back of the top. I think they will work great together as a sort of two piece dress, but being separates they will give me a lot more styling options.

17) This fabric had been living in my stash for a long while now. I am completely in love with how the blouse I made came out in the end, and I can't wait to show you all soon!

18) I've said it before, and I'll say it again, pumpkin season is the best season!

 A compilation of in-process shots from making the digital print dress I showed you all yesterday. The last photo shows the piece of fabric I had to work with before figuring out how to cut everything out. Time well spent!

Then there is the darn 3 hour sweater of doom. Sadly, I just got too fed up trying to seam the darn thing together when I hadn't known about seaming when I'd knit everything up. I crazily have frogged the back of the sweater in order to start over! Ahhhh! Well, at least I enjoy the process of knitting. I'll be adding about an inch to the length and then will be doing the decreases and edges a different way to make seaming much easier next time. Learning as I go!

This week will end with a bit of a busy rush as I will be driving up to my old college town for a wedding on Saturday. Well, I convinced my friend to drive, but I will be going away for the night in any case! I really need to decide what to wear to said wedding! The best part about being in Fort Collins again is always visiting my favorite restaurants, hopefully we will swing by a few before we return to Denver.

Though I have been enjoying our warm fall weather, I admit I am excited for the temperatures to drop later this week. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be ghastly and I am excited to put on spooky fall music, light a woodsy candle, and spend the day sewing with the raindrops hitting my craft room windows. I also bought some pumpkin spice muffin mix to do some more seasonal baking tomorrow.  Sewing, fall atmosphere, and a new episode of Star Wars Rebels--should be a pretty great Wednesday!

Speaking of Star Wars, how about that new trailer right? I can't even put into words how excited I am for the new film, bring it on Disney! Actually, I better go buy some tickets online before they all sell out....


  1. Beautiful snippets and chunks alike of autumn. I completely adore those photos, too, and can totally see why you picked one for your current profile image. Thank you for sharing so much of what's been transpiring in your life lately with us. I hope you have a great time at the wedding!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love all these little picture tasters of what you have been up to. Looks like there are some fantastic items on the way from your sewing machine, some very nice looking fabric. I have that knitting book on the top of your pile. I bought it as I plan to try resizing some of my vintage patterns as they are always too small for me do I thought this book would help. Just have to get over my hatred of maths next! Enjoy the wedding.

    1. I know what you mean about maths, I feel the same way! Hopefully knitting will be the most maths I have to do most days :)


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