September 13, 2015


1) Making my 1930's inspired wrap dress! I really need to make another one of these as it is super fun to wear and relatively easy to make!

2) The huge hibiscus flowers in the planters outside the shop I work at never cease to amaze me. This flower is probably at least 10 inches across!

3) This is our boy cat Gunny the day after he had gone missing over night (in a thunderstorm with buckets of rain). He returned at 5:30 in the morning after I spent a restless night sleeping poorly worried about him being outside missing overnight. I had already put up lost cat signs before I went to bed in case he didn't come back. Thankfully he did, though he had a small scratch above his eye and was quiet and spooked for a few days after his mysterious ordeal. Poor little guy! So happy he is home and safe now.

4) Look at this innocent picture of the first set of needles and cheap yarn to play with I bought to learn how to knit last month. Oh how things have spiraled since!

5) I maintain these shoes are gorgeous, but holy crap are they super painful. Proceed with caution!

6) I actually managed to make the 1920's one hour dress in just over an hour! Success!

7) Why yes, I do have a glamour shot of Peggy Carter tucked into my vanity mirror, doesn't everyone?

8) I teased this shot of many fall hued stems before I made them into a very fun little hat. I promise photos are coming your way soon :)

9) And the real yarn arrives! This is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted weight yarn in the color wheat. I have come so far since! (darn thing better fit me...)

10) At an old friend's wedding, realizing it was the first wedding I had attended since I was around 11 years old. It is just a bit odd to watch you high school friend get married, but also very nice, and she looked so ridiculously happy. I admit it made me tear up a bit!

11) I never tire of the one and only local "castle", I hope you guys aren't bored of me always shooting photos there!

12) A shot of the navy poly crepe with itty-bitty flowers I used to make a bow front blouse this week. I ended up going with different red buttons and the neckline turned out a bit too low, but I am excited to tweak the pattern for next time!

13) My most adorable kitty Cleo in her carrier on the way home from the vet. We are really bad about bringing our cats to the vet for check ups as they have always been very healthy. As she hasn't been in a carrier/in a car/out of our house for nearly her entire life she was not pleased. While little miss Cleo did not enjoy the adventure in the car, she was a lot quieter on the way home after receiving a few shots at the vet and deciding the car wasn't the worst place to be after all. After her antibiotics kicked in she bounced back to her more affectionate self the next morning and hasn't left my side since <3

14) I went out to buy hair color and somehow ended up buying these three little fall scented candles instead. I am a monster when it comes to fall scented candles (plus they were out of my hair color at Sally's next door).

15) Speaking of fall things, this cute little silver acorn set arrived today from Etsy! So cute! I can't wait to wear these this fall.

16) Then there was today's project, starting the sleeves of the sweater I'm knitting. Sadly after finishing this first sleeve I tried it on and discovered I really need to make the sleeves a bit bigger and longer for them to be comfortable, so it's back to the start! I don't even want to bother frogging this sleeve for the yarn as I still have extra so far. New skein new start!


I have a ton of projects planned as ever, hopefully I can get a few finished up this week! I also ordered more yarn already, as the knitting bug has bitten me firmly now, so I'd better finish up this first sweater so I can move onto the next! I just have to work out the sleeves, block everything, and then sew it together! Here's hoping the darn thing fits!

I hope you are all having a lovely start to the new week!


  1. Nice to see I'm not the only one with about 20 projects on at the same time! I can't wait to see the 1930s dress when it's complete. I'm always interested in other people's interpretation of this decade as there were so many styles going on. I'm also very jealous and impressed at how quickly you've picked up knitting. I just cannot get on with it and it infuriates me so much. Can't wait to see the completed garment.

    1. Thank you Cate! I definitely have 20 projects going in my mind at any one time, but I usually finish each sewing project before beginning another. I fear I would never finish them otherwise! The 30's dress was finished a while ago now, you can see it here: I too have been surprised by how quickly I have been able to pick up knitting! I have definitely had some frustrations along the way, but I have been having fun!

  2. The nice thing about seamed sweaters is they are very adjustable for sizing. If it's a smidge too small? Block it aggressively to expand the pattern piece before sewing. If it's too big? Just have a bigger seam allowance when seaming it! That's the thing I like about the vintage patterns, because the designers knew that everyone knew how to sew, sweater construction goes similarly to any sewn top, with the exact same ease of adjustment. It's RARER to put darts into a sweater, but pleats and gathers are still likely. The bulkier the fabric, the more hilariously awesome the pleats. (For an example of this, I offer my Date Maker Cardigan It has hilarioiusly HUGE shoulder pleats and some pleating at the waistband as well. It is by no means a subtle sweater.)

    So many projects in this post! It's nice when the projects are different crafts so that it feels like a break but it's still productive. :-P

    -- Tegan

    1. That makes a lot of sense, I see a lot of comments from knitters on forums and raverly that they don't like seaming, but to a sewer like me it sounds like the easiest part! I always have a bunch of projects planned, so as soon as I finish one I jump right into the next one!

  3. The faux fall foliage hat is surely incredible - I can sense it already and am on my mark to start swooning the moment you reveal it here! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I am just waiting for the temperatures to drop just a bit as I have the perfect outfit planned for its debut!

  4. I really enjoy all these little glimpses into what you are getting up to. I hope the sweater sleeve is coming along to your liking now and I too am looking forward to seeing the hat!

    1. Aw thanks Kate, I always worry that these post are boring, but I like looking back on them to remember what I was up to. I am working on the second sweater sleeve now!


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