July 10, 2015

Birthday Traditions

This is the third "Birthday List" post I have written, how crazy is that! It feels like I just started this blog sometimes, even though it was back in June of 2013. So much has changed about this blog since then, and I am a lot happier in many ways than that first summer after graduating college. Reading back those posts now I realize that though physically (and employment wise) I am in the same place, I am so much more at peace with where I am at.

That doesn't mean I am totally satisfied with the sorta-stagnant turn my life has taken in the past few years, but perspective goes a long way to protect my sanity. I have an awesome and supportive family, a nice place to live in, and plenty of creative endeavors to keep me quite busy. I hope I am inching towards the future I want, a future I can build for myself. Even if certain things aren't moving as fast as I would like (even though time is passing much too fast?) I am looking forward to what comes next.

Every year on my birthday I post a list of things I want to accomplish between now and my next birthday. Reading back the previous year's list is interesting for many reasons, mostly because the things I wanted then may not matter as much to me now a full year later. So seeing as this has become a bit of a tradition for me, lets recap what I was able to do from last year's list:

#2) Finish the first draft of my novel

As far as I am concerned, this is my biggest accomplishment from last year's list. I finished the first draft of my long suffering novel! How long did it take? From when I first started writing, oh around five years--but I had school and life interrupting things, sometimes going months without writing a single word. I have since begun the rather large task of editing the book, the book! I wrote. I wrote a book. Perhaps it is drivel, it may very well be horrible, but at this point I don't yet care. I just can't believe I did it!

14) Figure out 20's hair

Thanks to the magic of Mervin wave clips, I can cross this off my list!

17) Visit the Byers Evans House Museum

Th Byers Evans House is a local Denver house museum. I went one day last summer as my internship drew to a close and really enjoyed it! It was a lovely house, I need to visit again and bring my mom to see it as I know she'll like it too.

18) Make new hats

I think I have made three hats since last year, which is more than I made the year before, so I'm calling this one a win!

19) Dress up

I meant this in the sense that I completely changed my style (slowly-ish) after switching from working in a warehouse to working fashion retail. Not only have I embraced vintage style and "dressing up" everyday, but I got past any lingering self esteem issues about posting outfit photos too. In the last year my closet has gone under a complete transformation as I have sewn my way into a working vintage inspired wardrobe!

So those were the only boxes I managed to check from last year's list, not many! It turns out a lot of things on that list ended up not being a priority in the last year. Lets see if I can do better this year, both with setting attainable goals and with the follow through!

1) Finish the "final" draft of my book

I say air-quotes "final" draft, as I dream of publishing one day and having the guidance of an editor to polish everything up for real. 

2) Write the next book

That's right, the whole thing. It took me five years to write one book, and now I want to write another (completely different) book in just one year. 

3) Make my first attempt at publication

By this I mean try to find a literary agent, which I realize sounds crazy impossible! It's my dream to see my work in a bookshop someday though, and everyone starts somewhere!

4) Make more historic costumes

Something from last year's list that I sorta failed to do in the past year. I always have plans, and I always put them on the back burner- sewing vintage/wearable projects over the historical ones! 

5) Read more

It can be hard to read a lot while I am focusing on writing a lot. So far this year I have been abysmally bad at getting any reading done. That has got to change!

6) Redo my website

Another one from last year, I really need to make this a priority though!

7) Get a big girl job

Personally, I'm hoping the title of this job will be YA author and blogger. A girl can dream right?

8) Complete some 2D art

I used to draw and paint, and I still miss it! I need to work on some 2D art projects this year.

9) Complete an embroidery project

I haven't used my embroidery skills in over a year, it is well time to break them out! I have a few things planned for fall that involve embroidery, so hopefully I'll be able to tick this one off the list next summer!

10) Visit Disneyland

I spent my birthday there last year, and had a blast! I feel like one day at Disneyland is almost amazing enough to fill my sheer joy meter to last me through another whole year away. Though if I could visit more than once a year that would be even better!

11) Deep clear out

There are so many things still lingering in my closet or sewing room that just need to be sorted through and removed from my life! Things I never wear, use, or will need again need to leave!

12) Go on a road trip

Even if it's only a long day trip, I want to get out there! I have fantasies of driving up to Yellowstone, or out to the Grand Canyon, but I may only make it to Aspen! Still, miles in the mountains can't be beat for epic scenery! 

13) Use up the rest of my fabric stash

I still have many fabrics (cabinets full...) that I need to turn into clothing! I hope I can get through the bulk of  my stash this fall and have a much cleaner sewing room at the end of it! 

14) Visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary here in CO

I found out about this great sanctuary here in Colorado recently and I would love to visit the rescued big cats and bears (oh my!)

15) Check out the antique shops of SOBO (south Broadway)

There is an entire row of antique shops along south Broadway in Denver that I have yet to explore, I'd love to go down there and rummage for some vintage finds!

16) See a film at the Mayan

There is a beautiful old movie theater in Denver called the Mayan from the 20's and I would love to finally see the inside!

17) Learn tailoring techniques

I want to make some suit jackets this fall using some traditional tailoring techniques! This will definitely test my patience, as I am not the best at taking the time I should while sewing.

18) Move into my own place

I would really love to move into my own place this year, fingers crossed this will somehow be possible! I want to decorate!

19) Buy fresh flowers

I love fresh flowers, and they aren't crazy expensive at the grocery store so I'd love to buy them more often for my bedside table.

20) Get a new tattoo

Another item from last year's list that didn't get accomplished this past year. I have the design and placement in my mind, I just need the money and courage to call for an appointment!

Where are 21-24? Well, I'm going to start limiting this list to 20 things, because quite frankly it's hard to come up with 20, let alone 24 (and eventually 25, 26, you get the idea).

Hopefully I can do better than last year and accomplish more on this list! I am excited about the year ahead. I feel optimistic this could finally be "my" year as it were, here's hoping!


  1. Happy birthday wishes! I love it when you can tick off goals as done, so well done in ticking off yours! :) ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  2. Fantastic post!!! I love your outlook on life and agree with you regarding how times is whizzing past, even though some of your dreams aren't moving along as quickly. I frequently feel the same way and really wrestle with that duality. Ultimately though, if you end the day happy, for whatever reason, that's what really counts and I find that the older I get, the more that happens - even if there are oodles of worries, stresses, problems, etc at work in my life. It just gets easier to go with the flow and make the best of things as time rolls forward.

    I hope, my dear birthday twinsie, that you had a stellar celebration and wish you a marvelous, fun filled, exciting year ahead!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Than you Jessica! I agree, if I had a good day, then I usual count that as good enough! I can't spend everyday merely longing for things to have magically changed, I have to work hard do what I can, and let what I cannot control fall where it may. <3

  3. I hope you had a lovely birthday. Mine is the day before yours! I am so impressed that you have written a book, that is an amazing achievement, even if you decide to just keep it to yourself. Very interesting list of goals, I hope you have a happy and successful year.

    1. Thank you Kate! I did have a lovely and relaxing birthday in the end! I am in the middle of the first post-finished-the-first-draft edit of the book now, and I definitely have some kinks to work out! It does feel great to have finished a draft though!


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