June 1, 2015

Snapshot: May 2015

1) It snowed quite a bit on May 9th, that's right snowed! In Denver, winter ends in May!

2) I ran out of pattern drafting paper in my sewing room so I ordered myself a nice new roll of alphanumeric pattern paper. So satisfying knowing I can draft all summer long now!

3) It had been raining all week, then the sun came out for the exact length of my Mom's outdoor graduation ceremony, and then it started raining again. Congrats to my intrepid photographer on her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree!

4) Practicing hand bound button holes! I am super pleased I know how to make these now.

5) I am obsessed with my cat, she's my little buddy and follows me around. She loves to cuddle as long as it is her idea <3

6) The design sketch for my brown suit, it turned out very similar!

7) I found some of my high school choir music in the back of an old binder. I really miss singing, now I only get to sing when I'm alone in my car!

8) Blue sky! Sunlight! I had almost forgotten what the world looked like in vivid color.

9) My new Egyptian motif tourist pin, so happy I snapped this up!

10) Throw back Thursday from last week, here is little me.

11) My younger brother DJ'ing, I have never seen him look happier!

12) Cutting out my new blue floral dress! I can't believe I managed to finish it in just a day.

I seriously cannot believe May is over already! I am starting to freak out a bit about my 24th birthday coming up in July. In the spirit of full disclosure, I was hoping to have accomplished a lot more by age 24 than I have. I better not think about it! I'm still struggling to find what I want to be when I grow up. I know more about what I don't want than how to get what I do. Anyone else know what I mean?

Nice things from May:

-Discovering Daredevil on Netflix! I'm not usually one for superhero movies/shows, but this show is really good!

-Watching Out of Africa finally, and soaking in the beautiful scenery and great costumes!

-Visiting Cave of the Winds down in Colorado springs

- Spending time with my grandparents while they were in town for my mom's graduation!

-Working on new writing projects/ not having writers block. The best!

I hope you all had a lovely Monday!


  1. Your new vintage Egyptian souvenir brooch is stunning. What a beautiful find!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I snapped it up quick because I knew it would go fast if I waited :)

  2. Lots of nice things in May. Hope you have a great June too!

    1. Thanks Kate! I hope your June is wonderful as well! :)


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