June 10, 2015

Safari in the Grasslands

The finished jodhpurs! Well, here they are you guys, my first pair of jodhpurs. I will definitely change a few things next time I make a pair, but overall I am happy with these! I didn't have a single thing in my closet that went with them in the end, hence the delay in showing them to you all. That changed when I broke down and embarked on a short thrifting adventure yesterday after work. I found not one, but two, safari blouses/shirts! The one above is 100% silk and cost me $3! I left in the thin little shoulder pads for a bit of 40's structured flair. The other is even more safari-ish, with more details and tabs. I also picked up two other silk blouses, one a colorful tropical print, the other a perfect ivory satin blouse with french cuffs! I don't often go thrifting, rarely if ever actually, but after such a successful trip I will definitely start going more often! I also picked up 6 (6!) new scarves, including an adorable small white chiffon number with bright red cherries!

In the height of my safari-fashion mania, which has yet to subside, I ordered these lace up boot from Amazon. For the super low price, I braced myself for them possibly looking just too cheap, but was pleasantly surprised! I also picked up this nice straw style pith helmet. Got to have a pith helmet right?

I'd love to go on a real safari this summer, but until I can make my way over to Africa, the grasslands of Colorado will have to do. I hope you guys are having a lovely week, I'm off back to the sewing room to finish up a ivory linen boater I have been working on!

Jodhpurs: Made by me
Blouse: Vintage (thrifted)
Belt: Target
Boots: Amazon (here)
Hat: Amazon (here)
Sunglasses: Amazon (here)
Earrings: Made by me


  1. They're sooooo great! Love, love, love! Not only the pants themselves, but this whole outfit, which I should add, include my fantasy brown lace up boots. Swoon!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! These boots were $20 dollars, a total bargain! I can't wait to wear them again, I'm already thinking of equestrienne outfits for next fall!

  2. Fantastic series of photos and the jodhpurs have turned out so well!


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