January 21, 2015

Snow Day

I'm having a bit of a snow day today. Snowflakes big and small have been falling outside my window all day, piling up on rooftops and trees. The temptation to grab a good book and call it a day is high. Instead I did some cleaning, repaired a few pairs of earrings, and have been pouring over my calender for next month doing some blog post planning.

I haven't ever really talked about blogging here on my blog, mostly because I am far from being an expert yet. I do keep a blogging binder with ideas for features, future series, and my monthly editorial calender at the ready. Blogging has become my favorite hobby over this past year and a half and it feels good to keep everything organized. I saw a post by Kaylah of The Dainty Squid where she talked about her blog calender and using sticky notes to keep it organized. I instantly copied the idea and put it into practice for myself. The orange sticky notes are for history posts, the pink for sewing, the blue for outfits, color coding everything lets me see exactly what I have planned for the next month so I can balance my calender.

This blog is like my visual diary and I have really loved being able to look back on all of the fun days and projects from 2014. I have all kinds of great projects lined up for 2015, which means no lazy snow days for me, I've gotta get back to work!

Cleo loves to help me with my planning, by walking all over my calender!

she sure is cute though!


  1. Aww, Cleo is super cute! I have a feline assistant who helps with anything she can get her wee paws on, too. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica, she knows it too silly cat! One simply must have at least one feline assistant, otherwise who would lay on top of anything as soon as you need it?


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