January 12, 2015

Red Seams in the Pines (What Katie Did tights)

 Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely start to the week! I told you all about my recent order of tights from What Katie Did and they have since arrived! I chose this outfit around the tights so I could talk about them and give you guys a mini review.

First of all, the two pairs of tights I ordered arrived quickly and safely packaged. They were wrapped up in tissue paper with care and tied with a blue satin ribbon, which made them feel like a luxurious present! The tights themselves are quite sheer and delicate so I will have to be extra careful with them to avoid snags! I don't want to go ruining an $18 dollar pair of pantyhose! The package included a postcard sized instruction sheet on how to care for the tights, noting that it is probably best to put on gloves when handling/putting on the stockings/tights to avoid snags. Talk about an extra step, but I followed this to a T by putting on some black rubber hair dying gloves before I slipped on the tights.

The tights do look like vintage stockings more than any I have ever worn before. They are more like fully fashioned stockings in that the legs are shaped like legs (with a foot and ankle shape) instead of the more common tube shaped tights of today. I really like how the seam connects to the heel with a traditional style triangle. Once I had them on the tights felt great, but I was still very nervous about snagging them. I will be wearing these with extreme care! What Katie Did also recommends storing these tights in the clear plastic bag they came in or some other non-snag bag. 

 My hair is finally long enough to wear milkmaid style braids on my head! I felt very European in this hairstyle and threw on my new Russian style scarf to go with the theme. I love the deep red color of this blouse from Target, even if it doesn't have the worlds best fit for me. It has a lot of ease in the waist, and sadly so does this skirt! I finished making this black pencil skirt this weekend, but sadly I will have to take it in some more because it is a bit too large. 

As for this coat, which is my dream coat--except that the fur is indeed real. When I bought this coat years ago, I hadn't fully formed my opinion on fur, and now I would never buy "new" fur like I did when I purchased this coat. It was really inexpensive at a super lux TJ Max in Hollywood and I had just graduated high school (and therefore had graduation money burning a hole in my pocket). Nothing can excuse supporting the fur industry by buying this coat, I know that now and yet...I still love this coat. It is just so beautiful and fits so perfectly well. I know I will never buy fur again. I still love the luxurious and vintage look of fur, but I have since and will continue to buy/make faux fur pieces instead. Even though I adore this coat, I cannot wear it without thinking about the fox. Which means I don't wear it very often. I have even more mixed feelings about vintage fur, as buying vintage fur no longer supports the fur industry. I still don't think I could buy real fur again, even if it was vintage. How do you guys feel about vintage fur?

Coat: TJ Max
Top: Target
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Target
Earrings and brooch: Vintage (etsy)
Hair combs: Made by me
Tights: What Katie Did
Scarf: Charming Charlie

A note: Everything featured in this post was bought by me, nothing was provided for review and the options are completely my own!


  1. Love - totally love. This outfit is cold weather fashion perfection, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Gorgeous outfit. This post makes me realise though that I could never have tights like that. Anything that needs that kind of delicate treatment is not for clumsy me!!

    As for the fur. Hmm. I can't buy or wear real fur, vintage or not. I do have mixed feelings about it too, and I guess I'm ok with other people wearing it (sort of), but it just makes me feel icky. There is the cold logic that it doesn't support the fur industry, but that doesn't stop me from *feeling* wrong in it. I used to wear a lovely fur-trimmed coat that had been my mother's, but I couldn't even keep wearing that. (She took it back, so I don't feel bad that it's going to waste either.)

    I have an ex-boyfriend who is a vegetarian, but would eat meat if it was otherwise going to waste. I wasn't vegetarian at the time, and if I left anything on my plate at a restaurant, he would finish it, because otherwise it would go in the bin. Again, that's logical to me, but (now that I am vegetarian), I just couldn't do it.

    1. Thank you Tanith! I wore the tights with great fear, I assure you. I'm not the most graceful creature myself, so I know I will ruin them eventually. I just hope I can get at least 5 or so wearings before that happens!

      I feel like ideally no new fur coats/accessories/hats/anything should be made anymore, we should just cease the production and use faux. However, even after new furs had stopped being produced, there would be all of the fur items left from when fur was 'okay', and to let everything go to waste as opposed to using/wearing them seems, well wastefully. I suppose that's why I don't mind vintage fur, because it is too late to change what happened forty years ago and someone might as well at least use the item. Then again I agree that the whole thing still feels dirty in some way.

      I am well aware that my opinions on fur are quite weird and not very logical, seeing as for example I do eat meat. So I wonder why I think it is okay to eat a chicken but not to wear a mink? Why does my brain allow me to value one creature above another in such a way? I don't know the answer but it doesn't seem very logical. Thanks for sharing your opinions with me, I feel like a lot of style blogs avoid the fur conversation and I just couldn't not say anything.

    2. I have plenty of conflicting feelings too. I don't wear fur, but I do use vintage fur felts in millinery (so far) and although I'm stopping using feathers, I still have some left to use up. Similarly, I won't eat meat, but I really want to kill snails who eat my veggie patch. It's illogical, and I know it, but there it is.

  3. Lovely outfit and photos. The Russian scarf really sets it off. I like the look of your tights but I know I could never wear them. I would put my fingers through them in an instant! I think the fur debate is very interesting. I wouldn't purchase modern fur but I do feel differently about vintage fur. Given that the animal can't be saved it seems more respectful to me to appreciate it then to destroy it.

    1. Thank you Kate! I am still really scared of ruining the tights!


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