December 17, 2014


1) Sometimes I fear there just isn't enough cat on this blog, so here's Cleo being adorable!

2) Sizing up my corset pattern, now I need to go fix this pattern so that it is perfect next time.

3) Out having afternoon tea with my mom, we try a different tea each time.

4) At the Cartier exhibition! I need to go back, such amazing jewelry and next time I'll bring my good camera!

5) This was the best manicure, get the look for yourself here

6) And here is my other cat Gunny lounging on my bed while I was cleaning my bedroom.

7) Finishing the corset with some silk binding! I still have to buy mint green thread to add flossing!

8) Hemming my new plaid skirt, this fabric is so soft, it is the coziest skirt!

9) Immediately jumping into another pencil skirt project, you saw this one finished on Monday.

10) I love owls, and I really love cute owl ornaments at Christmas time! One day when I have my own Christmas tree I want it to be Harry Potter/Hogwarts themed so there will be lots of owls!

11) Old town Littleton here in the Denver Metro Area is decorated in lights and is so beautiful!

12) Lastly, my pretty berry/violet/burgundy (I can't decide what color this fabric is!) brocade that I am currently turning into a dress.

Things are pretty busy right now with the holidays right around the corner! I don't have any holiday party plans, which is a bummer because I have so many fun things I would love to get a chance to wear! Some of you may be long time readers who recall last year I made a holidress (holiday dress, you know the one you sew frantically before that looming holiday party) and this year I am planning on finally making a midnight blue velvet 50's wiggle dress. I have had the fabric waiting for this project for years so I will be extra nervous to finally cut into it! I used to be able to find nice and unique velvet fabrics on the regular at my favorite local shop but their selection hasn't been the same the last few years.

I am still in the middle of putting together my latest Renaissance inspired dress. I need to go buy trim today and then I'll be sewing all night to get it done in time to wear it tomorrow!


  1. Oooh, a midnight blue velvet wiggle dress sounds seriously gorgeous. The moment I read that, the classic Bobby Vinton song line "She wore bluuuuueee velvet" sprang to mind. I can't wait to see it when you're done, sweet gal.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I do like that song, hopefully the dress will live up to it!


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