December 10, 2014

Closet Histories Update : A Brief Hiatus

On August 14th I announced a new series for this little blog of mine, Closet Histories. I figured with a name like The Closet Historian, I better get started talking about historic dress! Over the past four-ish months I have really enjoyed refreshing some of my historic costume knowledge and sharing my passion for dress history with others! I hope at least some of you enjoy the series, I know from analytics that it is not my most popular type of post, but I shall not let that deter me in the slightest! Historic dress is fascinating, and I can't wait to continue into the 18th century!

That all being said, these posts take me a long time to complete. I spend hours searching the web for portraits that represent the dates I am looking for, and when I say hours, I literally mean 3-6 hours just looking for the right photos. It can be tedious trying to find three good representations of 1640's dress, then three of 1650's, etc. Breaking it all down into decades makes it harder for me to put the posts together, but it also allows me to make discoveries about individual trends and the slow evolution of styles that I wouldn't otherwise have observed.

After a rigorous search across the web for what I deem appropriate photos, I then add in a few hours of research, both online and in my own library of costume history books. Then I have to account for the time putting the images together in photoshop, finally actually writing the post, and then making sure I have all of the links back to the photo sources correct! I sound like such a complainer, what I am trying to say is that Closet Histories is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. It is more work than I had thought it would be when I started. I also am trying to say that it is worth it, for me certainly and I hope also for some of you.

The problem is, with a part time job, searching and applying for a real grown-up job, sewing projects and life, I have no time to prepare Closet Histories posts in advance. Which leads to me scrambling each week to get the post together in time for a Wednesday morning release. I don't want to have to rush these posts, writing about historic dress is what I love! So, I have decided to take this week and next week off from posting Closet Histories. The series will have a soft return on Christmas eve and then will return in strength on December 31st!

This hiatus period will allow me to research, prepare and write a few posts in advance so that I can get ahead of everything. I need to make a new schedule and get on a better, less stressful, track with Closet Histories in order to fully enjoy the experience of jaunting through time studying clothing.

I am really excited about what century comes next here on Closet Histories. The 18th century has long been my favorite period where historic costume is concerned! I will be doing more posts than usual covering specific styles, extant examples, and contemporary trendsetters. Being my favorite era also means the 18th century is the period I know the most about and have spent the most time studying before.

I hope all can forgive me for taking a bit of a breather and having some time to spend preparing future posts. We're all busy with the holiday season after all right? I still have some awesome posts lined up for the coming weeks! I hope you are all having a great Wednesday :)


  1. I have truly adored and learned a lot from this awesome series. Thank you for the hard work, thought and attention to detail to you lovingly put into every post. They were nothing short of a joy to read and should this series ever return, you can bet that I'll be there to eagerly lap up each new one with the same gusto I did those over the past four months.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica, I am so glad you have been enjoying the series! It will definitely return soon with the new year!


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