July 20, 2014

Treasure Chests

Like I was saying in yesterday's post, not only do I love my grandparents, but I also adore their house. My grandmother is a rather fantastic interior decorator, she just re-did the bathrooms in this house and they are beautiful! There has always been a huge colorful Jackson Pollock style painting (a blue poles of sorts) hanging in their house and in fact my grandmother and her friends painted it in college! How fabulous is that?

Above is the jewelry cabinet of infamy. I say infamy because I have started to believe this exact cabinet is the original source of my own jewelry addiction! As a kid I used to watch my grandmother choose her jewelry before we went out for a day at the zoo or out to dinner. She would open up this cabinet, which also has several drawers, and I would be bewitched by the treasure trove. I think I subconsciously decided long ago I needed a jewelry filled cabinet of my own someday. I'll admit I have already made quite a bit of headway, though most of my jewelry I made myself. Perhaps when I get my own apartment again I will find myself a nice cabinet to put all my jewels in and live the dream!

I have one last outfit post from my trip to San Diego, so stay tuned this week!

1 comment:

  1. What a strikingly beautiful abode your grandparents have. I too feel that part of my passion for fashion, including accessories, came from my maternal grandmother and her own closet (a small walk in, but the first walk in I ever remember seeing) and the act of watching her get ready. To this day I can't see a walk in closet without the scent of her perfume (White Shoulders) flashing to my mind. :)

    ♥ Jessica


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