July 24, 2014


1. Listening to records in my sewing room is literally the best
2. My lovely little spider pin, the only spider I have ever held (and ever will! eek!)
3. Vintage notions found in a box of my grandparents stuff
4. Some new foam rollers and a net scarf to go over them!
5. An old catalog from the Denver Art Museum of the costume collection from the 1960's. The historic garments in the photos are being modeled by live models (!) which is not not not a good idea! No museum would ever do that now!
6. Researching vanity cases for the museums upcoming Cartier exhibit
7. My Disney/Mickey nails in honor of my then upcoming Disneyland trip!
8. The view walking out of the airport in San Diego (while being hit with a wave of humidity!)
9. Yes! Yes! Yes! Can I go back already?
10. I always like to go on the Jungle Cruise first, it has become my little tradition every time I visit the park now!

11. My birthday button that I got upon entering the park! I have to say, even though I realize it is certainly company policy that every employee has to say happy birthday to you all day, it still felt awesome to have people say it to me all day!
12. Lunching at the Blue Bayou! I love this damn restaurant! The monti cristo sandwich is so so delicious but also...the restaurant IS INSIDE THE Pirates of the Caribbean RIDE--I mean come on that's awesome!
13. Also, they gave me free chocolate mousse (or mouse, in this case) for my birthday
14. R2D2! I love the new Star Tours, I also loved the old Star Tours...I also love Star Wars
15. Big Thunder Mountain, round II! We decided to ride again around sunset, and it was once again very awesome
16. Balboa Park! Such a beautiful place
17. The view of Hotel Del Coronado from the decks where we grabbed a cocktail and sat in the sun
18. My grandparents lovely cat Mia, who has one green eye and one blue eye and the quietest adorable meow
19. #justsocalthings So there was a brush fire on the side of the road on the way back to my grandparents house because California is extremely flammable (they had put the fire out within an hour)
20. Hydrangeas at the local garden center back home in Colorado, so pretty!
21. A Mervin wave clip, used to create instant 20's waves! I bought 2 of these for my birthday and they work a trick! I'll show you all soon
22. The said 20's hair results! I can't wait to experiment more with these new tools!
23. At the symphony with my mom for The Music of Harry Potter! As a huge Potter fan it was a m a z i n g to hear the music from my favorite series live! I only teared up a little (nerdy and I know it) <3
24. The beautiful lily's in front of the museum this morning
25. And of course, statuesque Cleo relaxing on my bed

Whew! So that's what I've been up to lately! Some travel and a lot of Disneyland spam, because I love Disneyland, seriously I just adore that place! Which is saying a lot actually because, being an awesome-sauce amusement park, Disneyland is populated with hundreds of children. You guys probably don't know this about me yet, but I don't like children. That makes me sound like a terrible person, I don't like being around children...is that milder? Anyways, to me Disneyland is so amazing that I can look past the children.

I am again busy with my intern duties and my job but I have another summer dress near completion to show you all soon! Then I am going to get very serious about an 18th century project, so hold onto your hats, the history will be returning to the closet historian...


  1. I can't wait to hear more about the Mervin wave clips! The resulting hairstyle looks amazing!!!

    1. They are literally the best thing ever! I am so lucky to have found some on etsy!


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