May 19, 2014


1. Sewing my tropical print pencil skirt! I love this skirt so much, I need a navy Hawaiian print next!
2. My Egyptian revival bracelet that I found on Etsy this spring. I love Egyptian revival anything, so I expect that will be an expanding category in my vintage collection moving forward!
3. Positioning the swirls on my black and burgundy cloche!\(promise I'll how you the other hats I'v made recently soon!)
4. Driving through Garden of the Gods with my friends! so beautiful!
5. The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, what a beautiful hotel!
6. My cats keeping me company on my bed, so sleepy!
7. Star Wars make-up for May the 4th. Love Star Wars I do.
8. Finally sewing again after a mini-break!
9. Ferns on a day when I got bad news, not every day is a great one. I think it's important not to leave those days off of social media entirely, life is full of good days and bad ones after all.
10. Flowers at the botanical gardens, my favorite hang out spot in good weather!
11. Dinner with a friend at a Thai place near his apartment, so yummy!
12. Driving in the Mountains again, this time on the way to the sand dunes!
13. The sand Dunes! Looks like a very dry desert but in fact is surrounded my marsh, creeks and mountains!
14. Then the next week we got heaps of snow! Oh Colorado, the land of crazy weather!
15. My confetti manicure from last week, I still love this combo!
16. And my cat Cleo again, because if I am home, she is never far away!

As a heads up, seeing as this is sometimes (umm...) supposed to be a sewing blog, I haven't been able to get any sewing done recently and I don't know how soon that will change! It is bumming me out to not be diving into the summery cottons I have waiting down in my sewing room! Hopefully this situation will change soon!

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