May 22, 2014

Lady Adventurer in 1912

With my beautiful peach sateen corset languishing unused since taking the photos for the Your Wardrobe Unlocked contest gown, I began to dream of a new day time ensemble to make use of my Edwardian under-clothes! I started by browsing pinterest with this search term- Edwardian Lady Adventurers. Very little came up in this search sadly, but the image above did and I thought "YES! precisely yes!"

The caption described the photo above as a still from a french film called The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec and I knew immediately I had to watch the film! Journalist and lady adventuress Adele is on a quest to find a particular mummy, raise him from the dead to help her sister with the help of a kooky old friend, all while trying to calm down a recently hatched pterodactyl. I mean it sounds absurd, and it was at times a bit unrealistic (live pterodactyl) but totally awesome too! I am rather partial to kick ass ladies breaking their time periods social norms after all, and Adele's wardrobe was pretty great as well!

Just look at that hat! Also our heroine wears feather boas on the regular which she pulls off so elegantly! Drool over the perfect tennis dresses below...

The film was directed by Luc Besson, he of 5th Element and The Professional fame, and as I love the 5th Element I was even more intrigued to see this film. The great use of color is noticeable in both films and the humor in this movie is great. As with the 5th element the fact that the film is never taking it self too seriously helps with the more outlandish parts not seeming too outre.

And I mean just look at that outfit! Now I know just what I want to make, a brown linen skirt, a safari inspired vest and a lacy white cotton blouse. Also the amazing hat, gotta have it! The film is available on Amazon to buy or rent, I rented it last night and quite enjoyed the adventure!

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  1. Those outfits are amazing! I can get past Pterodactyls to enjoy some top-notch costuming, so I'll keep an eye out for this one.


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