March 26, 2014

Spring Cleaning, and Shopping :)

1. Ava Panama Sunglasses ($14, Urban Outfitters)
2. Printed T-shirt ($40, Zara)
3. Hard Case Clutch Bags ($80, $90 Zara)
4. Printed T-shirt with Edging ($36, Zara)
5. Leather Platform Sandal ($130, Zara)
6. Wrap Front Blouse ($25, H&M)

I am currently considering just how much stuff in my closet never sees the light of day. To be honest, most of it doesn't fit, and I keep it in the hopes of losing the weight and fitting back into those old clothes. I still cling to those hopes but some of it just has to go! Its time for spring cleaning and my closet is going to get the brunt of a serious slim down! There needs to be a general organization anyway. as it is just a mess currently! However, I am no minimalist, which means I have firm belief in adding fun new stuff into the mix as I throw out (donate) the old. Above are my dreamy spring picks of the moment. Super modern print t-shirts from Zara to add a dose of space-age modernity into my usually more vintage style, with clean pencil skirts and mid century modern jewelry I think they would feel right at home! Those hard case clutch bags are like jewelry and remind me of the Lucite and Bakelite purses of the 20th century. The sunglasses are begging to be worn on a safari or excavation and would look perfect with everything I own or am planning to sew this upcoming summer. As would the wooden heels which look comfortable and sturdy. The floaty floral top from H&M is too pretty to pass up and I may just have to make a trip over there this week before I jaunt off the the mountains this weekend! Didn't I mention I'd be disappearing to the mountains for a few days? Sometimes, when you live in Colorado like me, these things just have to be done!


  1. Those sunglasses are making me go weak in the knees with their timeless beauty an chicness. I'm near sighted and need prescription sunglasses, if I sport them, so I don't own many pairs (actually, I only have one at the moment), but I've been thinking lately, for the first time, ever that perhaps it might be worth looking into getting contacts, as they'd then allow me to wear whatever sunnies I wanted, without having to pay for prescription lenses in then. No major plans to do so yet (and I'd still wear my glasses most of the time, as I adore them), but it is something I've begun to debate. We'll see! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I should really get a prescription pair for when I am driving but since my eyesight (nearsighted too!) isn't too bad I haven't yet, I also tend to break/lose sunglasses sadly so I never spend much on them!


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