March 24, 2014


1. I finally finished my strapless stays! It's too bad they are too tall in the back! I have to take them apart and fix that
2. Hiking around the Garden on the Gods in Colorado Springs was gorgeous! I'm not a real outdoorsy type but I like a good adventure ever once and a while
3. Some new to me very old classics that I simply must read this year!
4. Sketching more and more 1920s dresses, obsessed with the twenties you say? well, yes, yes I am
5. I visited a restaurant in Colorado Springs that had huge koi fish painted on the walls, it was actually really cool
6. Starting a new part time job meant a lunch break spent with a Starbucks chi latte, so yummy
7. Frozen came out on DVD! I am a big on Disney princess movies so I was very pleased!
8. Movie tickets to see The Grand Budapest Hotel! I love Wes Anderson and his latest film did not disappoint, full review forthcoming!
9. Cleo being adorable as always, gotta have at least one cat picture
10. I think I might let my hair grow out? I am uncertain, I love my bob but other historical hairstyles? yeah not as easy
11. In Denver there is a restaurant called Lola where they make your guacamole fresh on a cart table side, it was very tasty
12. Then of course we went around the corner to Linger for dinner, my favorite restaurant ever, a place I therefore visit as often as I can!

Other Things:

-If you haven't seen this riding habit yet, you simply must! So amazingly gorgeous!
-The Divergent movie! I saw it on Saturday night and really liked it, some changes were made, which is to be expected but overall I liked it!
- This video from Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers


  1. I think your hairstyle is beautiful! I love a great angled bob like that, but fully understand the desire to switch things up a bit on the hair front. Do you find, as I do, that the urge for a new style often strikes as the seasons change?

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! I like that a bob is easily style-able for anything post 1920's, I can do 20's-50's looks with it but titanic era and before that gets much trickier! I agree that I usually crave a change with a new season, I used to usually dye it but I am trying to grow out my natural color as I haven't seen it since I was about 14!


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