February 24, 2014


1. Beading jewelry for days at a time, I listened to Welcome to Night Vale! too bad no one else seems to like long beaded necklaces as much as I do, I'm obsessed!
2. I wanted dessert but we had no dessert, so thank goodness for pinterest because pinterest + coco powder + butter x other ingredients = BROWNIES!
3. Planing an outfit with my new skirt from last weekend
4. Selfie, retro hair and a lace shirt to wear with said pencil skirt
5. Punchbowl Social, as usual! Still yummy
6. Sewing sequins onto my new tabard dress
7. Our cat Gunny guarding the top of the stairs
8. Judging that the grocery store doesn't have that many books, good for John Green that they have three of his! I bought Paper Towns and read it all night on Saturday
9. My current task, sewing binding onto my stays! 

Sewing a brocade 50's wiggle dress
HELL! oh binding stays, tabs are from hell

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