February 8, 2014


1. Went to tea with my mom on Friday, which was lovely!
2. My little cat Cleo curled up asleep, being adorable without trying as always
3. Speaking of 20's hair, I set my hair in finger waves last night so I could have cute hair for a day, still takes forever and a night to dry though!
4. Beading away, making jewelry for my etsy store!
5. It was snowing like crazy earlier this week and below 0 most days!
6. Cleo again, I missed her while I was in DC!
7. Waiting in Dulles to fly back to Denver
8. Enjoying the art at the National Gallery on my last full day in Washington DC
9. Snake skeletons at the Natural History Museum, the rooms of bones were really awesome! I can't wait to visit again!
10. 1751! One of my favorite parts of visiting DC, Georgetown was really someplace I could see myself living near!
11. The obligatory White House photo :)
12. Pret a Manger! it had been so long! I didn't know they had these on the east coast! I used to eat there all the time when I lived in London so it brought back great memories
13. At the Kennedy Center for a really great symphony! Dvorak's New World Symphony 
14. Leaving Denver for DC, finally traveling again!
15. Editing some of the photos of my gown before I left, so glad it was done!
16. Back when I was still working on the gown, already feels like ages ago

I still have more from DC, more on the first ladies gowns and some photos from the National Gallery. I have already delved into several new projects since finishing the Edwardian gown and am also determined to finally finish the strapless stays I started way back at the end of the summer!

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