January 26, 2014

Washington DC : Part 1

I am currently in northern Virginia visiting one of my best of friends who has been showing me around Washington DC. It is really fun to be in a place with so many museums and buildings and places of historical significance. We went to see the Declaration of Independence and other historic documents at the National Archives and got a birds eye view of DC from the old post office building. She also took me to the National Cathedral which was a very beautiful building even though it is perhaps the newest cathedral I have ever been to! We got there just before sunset and just before it closed meaning the choir was practicing which was so wonderful to hear in that huge empty space. She then took me to a great local restaurant where we had the most perfect dinner! Even though I am a little bummed I couldn't fit Willamsburg into this trip like I had tentatively planed to, I am having a really great time and can't wait to see more of the Smithsonians this week!

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