January 13, 2014


1. The yummy appetizers at Cafe Vino, one of my favorite Fort Collins restaurants on New Years Eve night!
2. Cheap champagne at midnight on New Years
3. The peanut butter bar desert at Linger, so so amazing! all of their food is super delicious!
4. They have Easter candy at the grocery store already! as crazy as that is, I love these Cadbury eggs so I am pleased as punch
5. Rhinestone feathers to make a tiara to go with my Edwardian evening gown
6. Fabric for my House of Worth inspired evening gown!
7. The pattern for the Edwardian corset that took over my weekend
8. The finished corset! I am so in love with this corset!
9. The plan for the evening gown, I have to finish before the 21st when I fly off to visit one of my best friends in DC!

That's right I have to start and finish an entire Edwardian evening gown in essentially one week! I managed to finish the corset, shift and petticoat (ok so the petticoat still needs a hem ruffle) this weekend so that has given me hope! I just hope I can figure out the bodice pattern, I have to draft one myself, basically on myself while wearing the corset as I don't have any other way to fit it! I'll see how that goes, expect a whole lot of project news this week!

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