November 23, 2013


1. A great fortune I got earlier this month, then accidentally ripped in half! Is that a bad omem?
2. There was an amazing crescent moon the other night that my little phone camera couldn't capture
3. Beautiful fall berries and leaves outside the public library
4. Sweet little skull ring I invested in as a halloween treat!
5. Counting out packages of fortune telling plastic fish at work
6. Sketches for my upcoming fashion projects
7. Logo design sketch for the same project!
8. Draping the top of my 1920's Cleopatra dress
9. Painting the belt of the dress
10. The cutest baby carrots packaging, yes I am easily amused
11. A little necklace I made with an opossum vertebrae as soon as my package of bones arrived
12. My little cat Cleo chilling with me as usual, she is my cute little shadow :)

Click here to follow me on Instagram! I am hoping to make some progress on the Cleopatra dress this weekend but I also have a big video/branding project that I am working on with my mom (who is a digital design student) this week so I'm not sure how much sewing I can get done! I also need to order an Edwardian corset pattern so I can get started on that right after I finish my 20's Cleopatra dress!

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