November 3, 2013


1. Selfie getting ready before going out for my best girl Gina's birthday!
2. We went to Linger for dinner and everyone enjoyed it just as much as I had when I went the first time!
3. The beautiful fall trees in all their colors from my parent's back deck
4. The new you-pick-two at Panera is super delicious, autumn squash soup and turkey salad were both very yummy!
5. Went to The Punchbowl Social again after a fall day at the Denver Zoo with friends!
6. I have been making jewelry the past two weekends and it has been so relaxing and fun at the same time
7. We had some seriously thick fog the other morning here and it was really cool and atmospheric
8. Watched The Nightmare Before Christmas during lunch at work this week!
9. My 1920's Halloween hair in the morning at work
10. My adorable cat Cleo hiding in the midst of our pumpkins!
11. Here she is again just being cute sitting next to me, having pets around is so lovely!
12. My new jewelry I have acquired from my hours of beading :)

As ever,I have been super busy between work and trying to keep up with projects at home! I can't wait for Thanksgiving as I get Thanksgiving day and that Friday off work and it is going to be a much needed mini vacation! As for right now, its back to making more jewelry and other creative projects for later this week!

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