October 1, 2013


My weekend via Instagram
1. An amazing new-to-me vintage brooch, but more about that later this week!
2. Georgetown! a tiny little mining town about an hour-ish from Denver, super cute and with a great candy store!
3. There is nothing so great as driving through the mountains with the sun shinning and good friends for company!
4. Plus beautiful views like this at every stop!
5. I finished my Saturday by watching both Bambi and The Princess and the Frog, gotta love animated Disney movies!
6. Chicken and waffles at Punchbowl Social here in Denver!

Yesterday (Sunday) I had a tattoo consultation appointment and my lovely friend Jordan tagged along. We ended up going to a place called Punchbowl Social for dinner which turned out to be pretty cool! I had never been there before but its sort of a classy-diner/bowling alley/lounge, it was really laid back but still modern and hipster feeling (in a good way!) I'll definitely be back because the dish I ordered was amazing! I had never even heard of chicken and waffles being a thing while growing up by now I'v see a spiced up version on many contemporary menus. This re-working usually includes a great mix of flavors and yummy spiced syrup making this a great dish for people who don't mind a little sweet with their savory! The Punchbowl's version was delicious and spicy in a good way, I would certainly order it again!

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