October 22, 2013

Senior Design Line 2012/2013

I realized I never have posted my senior design line from last year up on this blog. As a senior in the apparel design program at Colorado State University last year I was required to create a four look (I did six :P ) design line/collection as my senior project. We created concept boards, sketches, patterns, muslins and garments in order to show what we had learned over the course of our studies. I decided to focus on trying to mix modern and vintage aesthetics into wearable clothing for women of any age. I like to think I was at least semi successful even if some of my original design ideas had to be toned down or lost due to time constraits. Unlike some design school programs we were expected to do our collections along with our other classwork from other courses as opposed to focusing on just the senior design line. This meant with so many obligations I had to sacrifice some of what I originally planned to do in order to complete an at least sort of well rounded collection.

 I used digital printing to make two of my own fabrics with my custom designs. Gotta love Spoonflower for bringing digital print fabric to the masses. Designing the prints for the textiles was one of my favorite parts of designing this collection and is something I am very interested in doing more of in the future.

As for the photos, I took these myself using my reluctant roommate and a fellow design student as my models. They both did a great job and it was wonderful seeing my clothes actually on people! I styled, directed (and attempted to shoot fashion photography?) and shot these photos as best I could with the little experience I have. I would love to re-shoot these clothes again, and in an entirely different way! Which just goes to show how much my style and design outlook in general has already changed in a year since these photos were taken!

I will post a few more photos of these clothes tomorrow!

Thanks again to the wonderful girls who modeled for me Gina and Janae!

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