August 28, 2013

Curio Cabinet: Brooch Collection

This is the start to a new little series for the blog showcasing my collections and interesting objects I have acquired, Curio Cabinet! At first it felt too much like bragging but I considered how much I enjoy looking at other peoples collections and that surely there must be others that feel the same!

I love collecting vintage jewelry of all varieties but I actually don't wear my brooches very often at all. I feel that they are harder to wear in the summer, probably because I think they look so cute on sweaters in the fall/winter. Whether worn on a cardigan, sweater, dress or coat, a brooch can add a little sparkle or fun to a potentially drab winter outfit. With fall approaching I had a little rummage through my collection to show you guys my favorites!

All The brooches above I inherited from my great grandmother on my mother's side. I only met her a few times as a kid but when she past away I was privileged to inherit her great collection of costume jewelry. There is a necklace and two sets of earrings that match the purple jeweled brooch in the back of the photo. The black and silver brooch in the center looks great on a black coat in winter and the silver crystal star-burst is just perfect for re-creating a breakfast at Tiffany's hairstyle.

These are all pieces I have acquired myself, most at the Paris Street Fair Market here in town. Its a once a month fair where vintage and antique dealers set up in an outdoor mall during the summer months. I have a favorite dealer and they always have more and more jewelry for me to lust over. I picked up the porcelain floral pin and the little owl there in June and the longer golden flower a few summers ago.

I also found this little red rose there this summer and I really adore it, I ended up wearing it anachronistically with my Tudor outfit to the Ren Fair because it just looked so cute pinned onto the mossy green velvet. I think it will look just as great on a wool sheath dress this winter.

 I got this pin at a local antique market a few years ago when I was looking for some new wintery pieces that weren't so blingy. I thought the brushed gold and the pearls made it a little bit more day time appropriate but it is still pretty glamorous! I should mention I never pay more than $10 dollars for a brooch usually but I think this one was $15. Collecting vintage doesn't have to be expensive, especially if you limit yourself to looking for specific style pieces.

Both of these brooches I purchased in Europe while I was studying abroad my junior year of college. The micro mosaic I got in Florence where I was obsessed with finding micro mosaic jewelry as a souvenir. It seemed so 'grand tour' to get micro mosaics and I couldn't find any until one of the last days we were there! I bought this one more to wear with costuming pieces (18th-19th century) than retro or modern clothes but it also looks nice on a velvet ribbon as a necklace. The little beetle represents the only kind of bug I can bear to be around, fake bejeweled ones! I found this little guy on sale at Topshop when I was living in London and had to have him! I love the iridescent color of beetles but hate insects generally so this is as close as I'll come to touching a bug. Unfortunately one of his little antennae has broken off but I keep him around anyway :)

This last brooch is the most special to me out of my collection. My grandmother gave it to me while she was still alive and I had never seen it before she gifted it to me. I never even assumed she still had any of her 'retro' jewelry because she never wore any. We were never super close but when she realized I was into vintage style she gave this to me. I inherited a few other pieces of jewelry from her when she past away but this is most special to me since she gave it to me herself. For more of my Nana Doris' great style check out the post about her I wrote earlier this week!

So I hoped you enjoyed this little look through my jewelry cabinet. I am constantly looking for new additions like the addict I am! Etsy is the worst/best because there are so many great pieces I want! I think I have a pretty comprehensive collection but I know I won't stop because I am an accessory hoarder. Accessories are a girls best friend, clothes can be ill fitting and sometimes really bring you down, but earrings and scarves and bags will always fit!

See you guys tomorrow with an exciting travel log post!

P.S: I am so excited this blog gets any views at all, it seems pretty crazy to me! So hello to all those reading and please feel free to leave me a comment even if just to say hello! :)

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