July 9, 2013

Twenty Two

July 2012- Paris, France

June 2013- Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday! Last year I spent my birthday in Paris which sounds very glamorous but I was alone there without friends or family so it was actually a very lonely day. I can't believe it has been a year since I left Europe. I spent over half of 2012 in England and France with side trips to Scotland and Italy. What an amazing adventure it was and I miss Europe so much. However, the most surprising thing about the experience was the loneliness. I was away from family and friends (and cats!) for seven months and it was so much harder than I expected!

A year later, I am so much more content than I was last summer. Even though I loved living in Europe last year and getting to visit amazing museums and locations, nothing beats being with those you love! This past year was my final year of college and living with two of my best girls was so much fun! I really enjoyed my 21st year and am looking forward to 22! Hopefully this year I will achieve some of my more long held goals and a few new ones as well!

Taking inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers (and middle school classmate!) Corrine from Stuck With Pins I'll list the 22 things I want to do before I turn 23!

1) Read the books I already own

I have a habit of buying books and never making time to read them! I love reading but feel like I am not actually very well read so I want to fix that! I have dozens of books that I need to read, many works of Dickens (who I have never read somehow!), a few Fitzgerald's I have never gotten too and next on my list is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as I have never read anything by Mark Twain and that seems pretty criminal!

2) Finish the first draft of my first novel

I have been working on it for three years and it is high time I got serious and finished it!

3) Blog more often!

I have already started to and have really been enjoying it so I am excited to continue!

4) Use up my fabric stores

Ask any seamstress and they could tell you they have stacks of fabric waiting for projects never even started! I too fall victim to this practice and have gorgeous fabric sitting folded just waiting to become clothing and costumes, so this year I vow to use some of it!

5) Visit the Grand Canyon

I have lived my whole life in the west and yet I have never been! I would really love to go, I hope a road trip is in my future!

6) Learn how to use my camera (Nikon 5200)

I love my new DSLR! that doesn't mean I know how to use it however! I need to sit down and learn about photography and my camera so I can start taking better photos. I never even took a photography class in school or anything so I really have no clue about what ISO means or lenses or anything, but I would love to learn!

7) Get fit

I lost some weight before I left for study abroad by eating healthier and working out and I bought some really   cute clothes that now no longer fit me! I miss my short lived stylish wardrobe and I want to be able to wear it again! So I have new weight loss goals and I have started using the dreaded treadmill again

8) Go ice skating more often

Now that's an odd one right? Well I love to ice skate and actually bought my very own pair of skates a few years ago in hopes it would encourage me to go more often but so far I haven't so it is high time to lace my skates up and get going

9) Start making hats to sell

I have made hats for a few years now but I took real, legitimate, millinery classes when I was at school in London last year and now feel qualified enough to start making hats to sell. I love wearing hats and the craft of millinery so its the perfect addition to my etsy shop wares!

10) Go to the theater more often (or opera, or ballet)

I really love the theater whether for a play, a musical, and opera or even the ballet! I did costuming in high school and am trying to get work doing costuming now that I have graduated school so I have always been interested in theater. I love the idea of the theater nearly as much as the actual show, dressing up and going to dinner is part of the magic.

11) Find a job or internship

Now that I am graduated its time to find work or at least an internship! I have applied to an internship out in California that I really want (knock on wood) and hopefully I will hear back soon about it either way.

12) Get back to England

Either for an internship or just on vacation I am desperate to see my beloved London again! Though I said above how lonely it got while away for so long, of anywhere London offered the most distractions and I just love it there! There is still plenty of London and beyond I didn't get to see and I simply must return!

13) Write more letters

One of my best friends from high school and I have a tradition of sending each other snail mail letters but I'd like to expand! I love stationary and need an excuse to use all of the pretty papers I have accumulated.

14) Work on my embroidery

After my lesson at the Royal School of Needlework last year I have only gotten more eager to improve my embroidery skills! I would love to create an entire beaded (tambour embroiderd) 1920's dress though it would probably take all year!

15) Get my first tattoo

I have wanted the same few tattoos for about 5 years now and at this rate I doubt I will ever change my mind. I have always liked tattoos and it is high time I saved up and gotten one...or two...you get the idea

16) Start posting my sketches

I love seeing other peoples sketches online and I have hundreds of mine littered everywhere so I should start scanning them!

17) Set my hair more often

Huh? well vintage hairstyles are most often set, curled in certain arrangements for different styles. I love vintage hairstyles and I should style my hair more vintage more often!

18) Finish watching Mad Men

I just finished season one and stylistically it has been very inspirational! this how makes me want to set my hair more often :)

19) Watch old movies

There are so many classic films that I haven't seen (like Casablanca, Gone With the Wind!) that I would love to see! As a lover of vintage styles I can imagine a classic film education would be inspiring and entertaining!

20) Go to some new antique malls

I love my local antique market but I would love to venture out to some ones farther away. If I do end up in California I would love to go to the antique malls out there too!

21) Take a vintage train ride

There are a few scenic steam train rides in the mountains here in Colorado and I would love to take a train journey even if only a short one! The Victorian history lover in me wants to experience the ride on an authentic steam train

22) Make new friends

Now that I am out of school (for good ahhh!) I anticipate it will be harder to meet new people. I imagine I will have to work harder to make new friends! Hopefully I will end up working somewhere with other creatives who like Lord of the Rings marathons as much as I do :)

It was actually pretty hard to compile this list, 22 goals is quite a few! Hopefully most of these will come true! I'm off tomorrow to a small museum of decorative art here in Denver that I have never been to before so I will tell you all about it later this week

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